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Balancing ego & soul to find your unique path – Business of Coaching Series

Each month we will tackle a specific challenge or task that aspiring coaches come across when building their coaching business.

We will update the focus of each webinar on this page as we decide on them. Topic and speaker suggestions are welcome and encouraged! Please email contact@coacharya.com with your suggestions and requests. Thank you!

Up next on this series: Balancing ego & soul to find your unique path

When was the last time that you asked yourself the questions that you ask your clients? How often do you take time out to define your own unique path? Do you have a purpose, a calling, a “raison d’être” in mind but are struggling to live it fully? During this webinar we will look at finding a balance between your ego and your soul, stability between your ambition & your contribution, in order to support you moving forward on your individual journey. Why not bring the purpose that you have defined for yourself (or are in the process of defining) to the webinar and we will provide a practical activity that will help you look in-depth at the different levels that contribute to you achieving your goals.

About the Facilitator:

Naomi Bearcroft has been an ICF Accredited Coach ever since she had the most incredible personal & professional transformational shift, coming to the realisation that what she loved more than anything in her corporate career was working with people and as a leader trying to get the best out of every individual in her team.

She thrives in cross-cultural climates as she is English but has lived in France for the last 17 years.

Naomi considers herself as an explorer, often hiking up mountains and along glaciers. She also likes to think of herself as an explorer when coaching. Indeed, walking side by side with her clients, discovering the different bends in the road, Naomi enjoys supporting and challenging her client’s as they define their own unique path.

Elisabeth Falcone is a trainer, generative coach and consultant, and facilitator in collective intelligence. 

Her passion: to create bridges between individuals and between peoples.

Her mission: to help groups and individuals to access the best of themselves, to boost their performance, and fulfill their calling.

Elisabeth started her career as a management controller in national organizations, which allowed her to understand the way organizations function and the operation of different controls and brakes. Always passionate about the humanities and social sciences and about neuroscience, she became involved very early in sectors concerned with diversity – intercultural, parity, generational equity, disability.

Convinced that the greatest wealth and fragility of any organization is its human capital, she created the organization Difference-HR in response to an emerging need in our society: personal fulfillment for the happiness and benefit of all. 

This organization, based in the south of France, had as its mission the renewal of the entrepreneurial spirit. Profit becomes a way to contribute to the progress of a more humane society, bringing Peace and respectful of the common good.

Elisabeth is also an author, a speaker, and works in collaboration with different partners who share the same vision and commitment, including Dilts Strategy Group and Vision 2021, of which she is the co-founder. She’s a member of Robert Dilts’ Leadership Team.

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