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Presence as a Coaching Tool

This panel discussion features five coaches who each implement their own specialized approach to coaching by integrating various unique tools and methodologies based on their respective backgrounds. They will dialogue with each other and webinar attendees about how their coaching presence facilitates breakthrough learning in their clients. We will also explore ways to enhance the coaching environment through invoking the power of our clients’ presence.


Panel facilitator

Kelly Wendorf PCC, MECD 

Kelly is the Founding Partner of EQUUS, a personal and professional development organization. She is an executive coach, motivational speaker, a uniquely skilled systems-change and leadership mentor, author, and socially responsible entrepreneur.

Kelly’s early experiences were vitally and deeply shaped by the natural and ancient world around her where she learned a way of listening to forces within people, nature and moments. This unconventional education grants her a gift of perception that liberates untapped potential and hidden gifts within individuals and organizations, helping them to solve problems differently through a wisdom-informed and wholeness approach.

Throughout her life she has lived and worked around the world, studying with many spiritual and Indigenous leaders in India, Africa, Indonesia and Australia. Such immersion in multi-cultural perspectives has honed a passion for creating a new narrative in the human condition, empowering organizations and their leaders to wield meaningful change in their communities and in the world through servant leadership and innovative business development. She has worked inside a spectrum of clientele – from Amazon, to Microsoft to some of the most underserved communities.



Scott Strachan, CPCC, PCC, MECD 

Scott is the Founding Partner of EQUUS. He is a gifted and empathetic executive leadership and personal development coach.

As a socially conscious educator, serial entrepreneur, speaker and facilitator, he brings a wealth of experience to his clients. Scott dynamically engages with organizational leaders, business groups and private clients to evoke positive, sustainable changes and expanded possibilities informed by what is already possible within them. His ability to illuminate the hidden strengths and capacities within his clients makes him a trusted companion to those who are strongly motivated toward transformation. Scott has worked within many highly matrixed companies, such as Microsoft and Cisco, to assist them with shifting their organizational culture towards one that is more conscious, aware and human.

Scott partners with senior leaders ensuring identification of their personal values, reminding them they already have the ability to clearly articulate targeted intentions and through that, attain desired outcomes. Additionally, he assists them in cultivating and modeling conscious engagement within their teams and across any enterprise through emotional mastery, authentic and skillful communication, impeccable coordination, and deep accountability.


Adam Ram Charan

Adam, an EQUUS Faculty member, and certified coach, has been passionate about exploring consciousness through meditation and healing work for decades. A native of New York, he has spent the greater part of 30 years in India. He gained a deep appreciation and understanding of spiritual awareness practices and intuitive wisdom which finds expression in his practice of integrative bodywork and transformational coaching. He combines this with extensive training in holistic therapeutic approaches including Craniosacral Biodynamics, Somatic Movement Education, Somatic Experiencing, Ayurvedic massage, Thai bodywork, Myofascial Release,  Reiki, Pranic healing, and more. He received his coaching training and certification through Coacharya in Chennai, India. His coaching style integrates his therapeutic skills, intuition, and meditative presence in service to his clients’ genuine need to uncover and release limiting beliefs and fears, and reveal the inherent wisdom, love, freedom, connectedness, and strength that lies within everyone’s core.  He teaches and works extensively internationally and is based on Cape Cod from Spring through Autumn.


Daniel Weil, CPCC

Daniel is a certified coach, an EQUUS Faculty member, and in process of completing certification as an EQUUS Inspired Coach. Based in the foundation of the Co-Active® Model, Dan’s programs incorporate a lifetime’s unique experience, perspectives, curiosity, wisdom and an expansive ability to listen. He works collaboratively in his program offerings that are customized for private individuals, leaders, executives, or with groups. Dan’s specialties include Brand Development Coaching where he is especially gifted at assisting clients to discover the soul of their work and how it is authentically and powerfully expressed in the world. Dan also creates and facilitates workshops and retreats, designed to build connection — to inspire attendees from within themselves. All of his work is greatly influenced by the wisdom of the EQUUS Herd and the EQUUS Experience®.

Dan has worked in different roles as an employee and as an outside freelancer working with decision-makers and executives across many sectors. Dan’s experience includes a list of individuals, direct mail design companies, ad agencies, boutique web development companies and start-up tech companies.


Rebekka Goldsmith

Rebekka believes that keeping quiet doesn’t serve us. She knows that when we understand and use the power of our voices, we unlock our creativity, spark connections, and awaken to our full capacity. Trained as a professional singer and certified as a coach, Rebekka has spent over 15 years guiding individuals and groups in explorations of the physical, intuitive and collective voice. Rebekka has studied extensively with master improviser Rhiannon and is a Level III Instructor of Somatic Voicework.  In 2007 she completed the Partners for Youth Heart of Facilitation Leadership program and in 2016 received her coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation. With Rebekka, you can expect an embodied, experiential, tuned-in process; deep listening; creative exploration; and growth. Her work invites you to be playful, risk-taking, curious, vulnerable and real. www.rebekkagoldsmith.com

Jul 17


9pm IST / 10:30am CST • Free • Zoom •