7 Days to Emotional Maturity

Thanks to Daniel Goleman’s realization, it dawned on most executives that aggression and emotional immaturity cause as many problems in the corporate workplace, as would inadequate intelligence. Goleman postulated that one needed self-mastery of emotions leading to social mastery in order to be successful.

Emotional self-mastery requires awareness of one’s own responses to situations, emotionally and cognitively. Thoughts and emotions cannot be separated. In a socially interactive situation, we need an equal understanding of why people behave the way do, in addition to understanding why we behave as we do. A combination of self -and social-mastery, mastery of interpersonal and interpersonal qualities, allows us to respond to others effectively, purposefully and successfully.

Coacharya’s 7 Days to Emotional Maturity Program

Coacharya provides a 7-session program to emotional mastery, which can be taken one day at a time. Each day explores a key emotion and its related responses within others and us in a group setting. The entire experience works through a mindful approach creating deep inner awareness.

At the primal level, we operate through 2 basic emotions of attraction and repulsion, desire or greed and fear or hatred. We move towards or away from people, things, issues, and situations based on these 2 emotions. In his Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton shows that we behave this way at the cellular level. Our genes program us for fight or flight.

Coacharya uses a seven-step hierarchy of emotional awareness to help control emotions, rather than allowing emotions to controlling us. Parallel in ways to The Five Levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the numerous levels popularized through Spiral Dynamics and by Ken Wilber, this program leads from the unconscious self to the aware collective consciousness.

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