Experience Requirements

ACTC applicants should have completed a minimum of 5 team coaching engagements within the last five years. This is inclusive of all activities and sessions are done under the ambit of a team coaching agreement. 

These can also be other team development activities, including:

  1. Team Training
  2.  Consulting
  3.  Facilitation
  4.  Team Building 

Note: All these should be done as part of team coaching sessions to be eligible. 

ACTC applicants opting for the Credit for Prior Learning application must furnish an additional 5 team coaching engagements (total 10), with no less than 3 being completed before five years (or more) from the date of application. 

Co-coaches are mandatory in team coaching engagements done with over 15 members.

Applicants should submit a letter of verification for 2 out of the 5 required team coaching engagements. This letter of verification can be furnished by a team member, team leader, authorized representative of the sponsor organization, or the third-party coaching body. 

Letters of verification must be duly signed and submitted on the letterhead of the company (unless bound by a confidentiality agreement) and should include:

  1. Name and contact information of the authorized representative 
  2.  The representative’s role within the organization or team 
  3.  Name of the ACTC applicant 
  4.  Total hours of the team engagement 
  5.  Start and end dates of the engagement, and the number of team members

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