Coacharya and our Coach Training Programs

What types of coach training programs do you offer?

Coacharya offers coach training programs that give you a well-rounded coaching education and that allow you to apply for coaching credentials.


Depending on the program you choose, at completion you can apply for the ACC, PCC and MCC credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), as well as the Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential from the Center for Credentialing Education (CCE) and from EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).


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What format are your training programs?

Our coach training programs are offered as internet-based virtual programs globally. We also have face-to-face sessions on select dates/locations. A blend of in-person and virtual training is also offered when it suits the logistical needs of participants.

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If you’re a corporate wishing to organize training for multiple people in your organization, please contact us. We can adjust the curriculum and format to suit your needs.

When can I start coaching clients?

You can start coaching clients as soon as you start your training, but we recommend that you attend at least 10 hours of classes and understand the basics of coaching competencies before you do it. After 30 hours of training, most people feel comfortable enough to start coaching others.

When you do coach clients at any point after starting your coach training, you should keep a log of who you coached and when. A log of coaching hours is required when applying for your coaching credential.

Can I pay by installments?

Yes, we accept installments for all our program. The number of installments and amount varies based on the program.

What happens if I miss a class?

You need to attend at least 80% of your training hours in order to get your certificate of completion. Since most of our programs are virtual and held via Zoom, they can be easily recorded. If you know you’ll miss a class, speak to your trainer and they will be happy to record the class for you so you can catch up later.

What’s covered in your coach training programs?

All our programs include classroom instruction, assignments and mentoring. The specific content varies on the program you sign up for. To get a general idea, take a look at our ACTP modules here.

How many Coacharya alumni are there?

We have trained over 600 to credentials. 30 of those gained their Mastery credentials, making Coacharya the biggest trainer of Master coaches in the world.

What is unique about Coacharya?

Coacharya is an ICF-ACTP accredited trainer, the highest level of status offered to coach training firms. We have over 600 hours of approved content across the various coaching competencies and interventions. We have trained over 500 to credentials. 30 of those gained their Mastery credentials, making Coacharya the biggest trainer of Master coaches in the world.

Our programs focus on leadership coaching and cover a breadth of processes, tools and organizational development interventions. Each coach is given the freedom to develop their own individual coaching style.

Our practice is amongst the largest in the industry with programs delivered by PCC-certified and MCC-certified trainers, with executive corporate experience. The mentored evaluation portion of our ACTP program occurs through an independent MCC-certified coach. Additionally, Coacharya’s programs offer credentials from multiple international accreditation bodies – ICF, EMCC and CCE.

Our curriculum covers both Western and Eastern methodologies, preparing the coaches we train to work with people from all walks of life and all cultures. Furthermore, we support learners during their training as well as after they complete the program with multiple leadership development webinars.

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What is the program schedule?

You can see our full coach training programs schedule here.

Our virtual / online programs meet weekly, using Zoom, for 3 hours at a time. All sessions are “live” – that is, you participate like you would in a classroom, not self-study.

How long do the programs take to complete?

Our virtual / online programs meet weekly, using Zoom, for 3 hours at a time. The total length of time depends on the credential you want to pursue.

  • ACC training takes 4-5 months
  • PCC / BCC / EMCC SP training takes 9-10 months
  • ACC to PCC bridge training takes 5-6 months
  • MCC training takes 6-8 months (you must have your PCC before you start on your MCC)

The timelines above indicate the length of the training programs and assume that you complete your assignments on time. Beyond training, you’ll also need to meet other requirements for your credential, which may take longer than the timelines indicated.

Timelines are similar for our face-to-face to face programs, but those meet at different intervals. You can see our full program schedule here.

What is your teaching methodology?

Do you teach the GROW model?

GROW is the universal model in coaching. It aligns with competencies of ICF and EMCC. It is the best coaching model there is.

In addition to GROW, we cover several other coaching models such as: Coacharya Awareness-Action-Anchoring model based on adult learning, Coacharya’s Mindless awareness model based on Yoga and Zen, as well as several Psychological/ Neurobiological models from Jung to Seligman to Rock to NLP/Gestalt to Otto Scharmer. Much of this would happen at PCC level, since in 60 hours of ACC focus would be on ICF competency framework and GROW.

Our approach is to provide as much knowledge as possible and then allow our learners to formulate their own coaching style and model. In fact, one of the assignments in PCC training is on creating your own coaching model to serve as the foundation of your coaching business model in the future.

What do your programs cost?

Since fees vary for different programs, please contact us for details.

Do I get a certificate upon completion?

You will get a certificate upon completion of your training and other requirements, which are specified at the time you join our program.

Does Coacharya help me log my coaching hours?

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to do peer coaching during the program. We’re also working on a way for you to connect with clients to help you meet this requirement. However, logging coaching hours required for your credential application is your (the learner’s) responsibility.

Does Coacharya provide me with coaching work?

Coacharya does not guarantee any paid coaching work, but we do engage our former learners as opportunities arise.

Is mentoring provided as part of the program?

Yes. For learners who choose the ACSTH route to credentials, your trainer (all of whom are PCC or MCC level) will provide you with 10 hours mentoring, evaluation and feedback. If you choose the ACTP path, 10 hours of mentored evaluation is provided by another MCC level coach in addition.

What if I pay in full for a program, and I'm not able to start/complete it? Can I start/complete at a later date?

We will honor your fee for 12 months from the date you started/meant to start. If your delay is longer than 12 months, the program fees may increase and you will have to pay an additional fee to resume your training.

How does Coacharya keep pace with emerging coaching practices to include them in the curriculum?

Our curriculum is updated on a regular basis to include the most up-to-date coaching practices such as group coaching and systemic coaching. Furthermore, we support our classroom learning with frequent webinars on supplementary topics. We bring in experts in specific interventions and invite learners to share their knowledge with the broader learner community through learner webinars, which are open to current learners only.

With our Associate Trainers being active coaches, we add our experience in understanding the needs of the corporate and life clients to our curriculum on an ongoing basis.


You can see all our upcoming public webinars here: https://coacharya.com/events/

Can I download a brochure to learn more about Coacharya?

Coaching Credentials

Can I get a coaching credential without training?

No. All coaching credentials require coach training from an accredited provider, such as Coacharya. You can see the various requirements here.

What do I need to do to apply for a coaching credential?

The requirements vary based on the credentialing body and the credential you want to obtain.

ICF – Learn about ICF credentials here

EMCC – Learn about EMCC credentials here

CCE (BCC) – Learn about CCE credentials here

Those who register for Coacharya’s ACTP program will be mentored to all three credentials: ICF PCC, EMCC SP and CCE BCC. Coacharya certification is sufficient qualification of classroom training. Additional information on coaching hours would need to be provided by learner at the time of application for the credential. ICF and CCE have online knowledge assessment tests in addition to the classroom and coaching log requirements. EMCC may do an interview as part of their process.

For ICF credentials, what training paths do you offer?

We train to ICF-PCC credentials through the ACTP route, which allows us to offer ACSTH and CCE hours as well. This means that you can get the following ICF credentials from Coacharya:

  • ACC via ACSTH
  • ACC via ACTP
  • PCC via ACSTH
  • PCC via ACTP
  • MCC

Most of our learners choose the PCC via ACTP path, and later continue with MCC.

Learn about ICF credential paths here

Learn about our accredited coach training program (ACTP) here

What are the ICF credentialing requirements?

The following are training hours requirements only. For detailed requirements for all ICF credentials, please take a look at our ICF page.

  • ICF-ACC: 60 hours of classroom training with an ICF-approved trainer, which includes 10 hours of mentoring by an ACC-certified coach and 100 hours coaching experience (Learn about our ACC program).
  • ICF-PCC: 125 hours of classroom training with an ICF-approved trainer, which includes 10 hours of mentoring by an PCC-certified coach and 500 hours coaching experience (Learn about our PCC program).
  • ICF MCC: 200 hours of total classroom training (75 post PCC)with an ICF-approved trainer, which includes 10 hours of mentoring by an MCC-certified coach and 2500 hours coaching experience (Learn about our MCC program).

At Coacharya, all our trainers are PCC or MCC, so even at ACC level you will work with a higher level coach than ICF requires.

Do I need to get my ACC before I go for PCC?

No. You can go straight for your PCC.

Do I need to get my PCC before I go for MCC?

Yes. This is a new rule as of 2018.

Do credentials expire?

All credentials expire on 12/31 of the third year that a credential is held, however you don’t have to renew on that day. You can renew at any time during that third year as long as the credential renewal application is available for purchase. ​In order to renew you must purchase a credential renewal application. The credential renewal application is available to be purchased in April of the year the person is due to renew. For example if your credential expires on 12/31/2019 then the 2019 credential renewal application will be available to purchase in April 2019. If a person were to apply mid year, ICF would review it when they receive it. As long as you have met all requirements, they would renew it.

What is mentoring and supervision in the context of coach training?

Mentoring as defined by ICF is about coaching competencies.



ICF does not have as yet a supervision process. EMCC has. https://www.emccouncil.org/accreditation/esia/

Supervision is about the practice of coaching, not competencies, and includes ethics, systemic issues, coach’s own difficulties under certain coaching situations, and supervisor’s reflections to create coach awareness. 7 Eyed Model for Supervision by Peter Hawkins may be helpful:



Mentoring is included in all Coacharya coach training programs. If learners want additional mentoring outside Coacharya, they are free to do so at their own cost as continuous learning.

What is the validity period of my coach training certificate from Coacharya or any other Coach Training Institute?

Once you complete the requirements of your Coacharya program and you obtain your certificate, it does not expire. You can use the certificate to apply for your coaching credential as soon as you complete any other items required for the specific credential you want. We advise, however, that you apply for your credential as soon as possible after you receive your certificate as ICF, EMCC and CCE may change their credential requirements at their discretion, at any time.

We can’t speak for other coach training institutes because the validity of their certificates depends on their individual accreditations.

Why do I need to do my training hours with a coach training institute in order to apply for credential from ICF, EMCC, BCC?

All credentialing agencies, not merely in coaching alone, require practical demonstration of skills acquired in the classroom. Theory, classroom practice and tests to establish competencies are not considered sufficient to practice. While classroom skills are tested through recordings, interviews and tests, action learning is measured through coaching hours outside the classroom in real life situations. Each coach credentialing organization stipulates its own standards of coaching experience hours based on their assessment of what they need.

Do CCEUs expire? What happens to CCEUs that are earned by a coach who is in the middle of their training, but who doesn't have a credential yet? Would those CCEUs count towards renewal later?

Training does not expire, so a coach can use ACTP, ACSTH, and CCE hours toward an INITIAL credential at any time. (Note that CCEs used toward an initial credential require application via the Portfolio path)  Renewal CCEs must be taken during the 3 year renewal cycle only.  So, if the coach took CCE courses prior to receiving her ACC, the coach cannot use them for the continuing education between ACC and renewal.  Similarly, if she took the CCEs during one renewal period, she may not use them for the NEXT renewal period.  The 40 CCEs needed for renewal must be received DURING the 3 year period between the credential award date and the credential expiration date.

General Coaching-Related Questions

How much do coaches charge?

ICF gives broad estimates of coaching fees and earnings  in their surveys. https://coachfederation.org/app/uploads/2017/12/2016ICFGlobalCoachingStudy_ExecutiveSummary-2.pdf

As a rule of thumb, PCC coaches charge $300/hour, with engagements being 6 on an average. ACC coaches are not generally in demand by companies. Coaching fees depend on credential, coaching experience and also corporate experience and leadership position.

When can I expect a return on my coaching investment?

This depends on a number of factors. If you already have a market presence in a related area as a consultant, trainer or facilitator, returns are immediate and during your coach training program as well.

For those still in a career, coaching can lead to internal opportunities. For others, factors of years of work experience, domain, levels worked at and even functions would be relevant in defining a niche audience and coaching space. For everyone, a coaching credential increases credibility.

ICF Core Coaching Competencies

What are the required coaching skills identified by ICF and how do they compare against those identified by other organisations?

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