Don’t you want to be a Systemic Team Coach? That is where the future is!

Coacharya offers Systemic Team Coaching programs to qualify for ICF ACTC credentials.

Teams have come a long way from being faceless groups working in silos to entities coming together to develop creative ideas and scale up business operations. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need for team coaches in developing and sustaining high-performance teams, channeling their untapped potential and collective might to drive systemic growth. 

This brings us to ICF’s newly launched Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC). Bringing the efforts of advanced team coach practitioners to the forefront, ACTC is designed to acknowledge their knowledge, skill, and competence. Coacharya now offers programs to qualify for ACTC.

Why Earn the ACTC?

The ACTC credential shows that a team coach meets the ICF team coaching standards – the international certification body for team coach practitioners. ACTC certifies their autonomously verified skills, knowledge, and experience bringing merit to teams and organizations 

ACTC authenticates a team coach’s competency and capability in offering the range of skills required to provide powerful and effective team coaching. This includes the following Learning Outcomes:

Distinguishing team coaching from other team development modalities

Managing the complex dynamics and patterns unique to teams

Partnering with a variety of stakeholders to establish team coaching agreements

Supporting teams in the development of effective communication and collaboration skills

Partnering with teams to develop a sense of common identity and purpose

Collaborating with teams to support conflict resolution

Promoting a team’s autonomy and long-term sustainability

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You can apply for ACTC if you hold an active ICF credential at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) level, with additional training that Coacharya provides in line with ICF ACTC requirements.  

Coacharya Program offerings in line with ICF ACTC requirements: 

Coacharya’s ACTC program conducted by Cindy Muthukarapan, MCC, and Ram S Ramanathan, MCC starting on 9th March 2023 for 10 weeks provides the following requirements fulfilling ICF ACTC requirements:

Completed 60+ hours of team coaching education (ICF-accredited or non-accredited)

Concluded a minimum of 5 team coaching engagements in the last 5 years

Completed no less than 5 hours of coaching supervision

All these are provided online, as indicative sessions, catering to multiple learning styles, by a trainer or coach experienced in the systemic team and individual coaching, and coaching supervision.  

Learners shall receive Coacharya certification qualifying for ICF ACTC, when they have. completed the program to Coacharya’s assessment standards, which may include assignments to be submitted, and feedback to be provided. Program fees will be provided upon request.  

Learners shall then apply to ICF, pay the required ICF fees and achieve a passing score on the ICF Team Coaching Certification Exam,  in order to obtain ICF ACTC credential.

Please see the ICF page for more details