Coachability: Reflections on Coaching (an ebook)

My proficiency as a coach is in direct proportion to my openness and receptivity to being coached. My ability to act as a transformation catalyst for the client is directly linked to my own propensity to be transformed.

What is coachability? How does it affect one’s ability to be an effective coach?

This ebook is a reflection on the concept of coachability from a coaching learner currently enrolled in the ACTP program at Coacharya. It gives insight into the mind of an executive who’s exploring coaching and its implications in depth from a different angle, now that he’s training towards obtaining coaching credentials.

This ebook is most appropriate for other beginner coaches as they go through their journey, as well as for executives who are considering being coached or even becoming coaches themselves. Anyone with interest in coaching, however, will find the ebook insightful.

About the Author

Mohan Bala has long been fascinated by how people learn. This has guided his professional choices over 25 years, migrating from business operations and P&L to Learning & Development, learning technology startups, large scale skill development and now coaching. It is his ambition to take coaching beyond corporate boundaries into the sphere of government services, social enterprises and education. Mohan Bala is currently enrolled in the ACTP program at Coacharya.

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