Rohit K. Jayaraj

Accounts Manager

The main duties of Rohit K. Jayaraj in his capacity as Coacharya’s account manager or bookkeeper are to manage, maintain, analyse, and report the company’s accounting and financial records.

He received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Kerala in Trivandrum, and he is now working towards becoming a chartered accountant (cleared Intermediate 1st Group). And he is someone who exhibits a special blend of admirable and beneficial traits.

He is a positive, happy person, and his modesty makes him approachable and simple to deal with. Additionally, he approaches tasks as an employee with a cheerful, “can-do” attitude. Because he is analytical and strategic, he has an eye for studying complex issues and coming up with workable answers. And when he’s not working, he enjoys spending a lot of time engaging in team sports, socialising with friends, and exploring new places.