Support Groups (Free)

The pandemic has profoundly changed our way of living. While some parts of the world are slowly getting back to “normal,” other countries are only now seeing the worst. People are suffering and they’re finding it hard to cope with stress and the fear of losing their loved ones.

We can’t even comprehend what people must be going through, but we are here to listen and to be here for you.

Please join our daily support group if you want to talk to someone. This is a free, drop-in service for anyone who needs it. There’s no judgement and no pressure – just a sympathetic ear and a safe space where you can share what’s on your mind.

You are not alone.

Support groups take place via Zoom. You will receive the link and passcode for all sessions once you register below. You will need to log into your free Zoom account before accessing these sessions.

Support groups meet every day of the week, starting May 25, 2021:

  • Monday @ 6PM IST
  • Tuesday @9AM IST
  • Wednesday @ 6PM IST
  • Thursday @9AM IST
  • Friday @ 6PM IST
  • Saturday @9AM IST
  • Sunday @ 6PM IST

You can convert to your local timezone here.

Register for Support Groups

Please note: You only need to register once and you can attend as much as you want on the Zoom link that will be shared with you post registration.

Full Name(Required)
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How Support Groups Work

  1. You register on the support group page or using the short form below.
  2. You e-sign the support group agreement and code of conduct (MANDATORY).
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation email that includes the Zoom link as well as password to join.
  4. You can drop in to any scheduled support group as much as you like. They will take place M-W-F-Su at 6pm IST and T-Th-Sa at 9am IST, until further notice. You can convert to your local timezone here.
  5. When you join, you’ll need to e-sign a short liability waiver.
  6. A facilitator (who is a trained coach or counselor) will anchor the call.
  • All sessions will be in English.
  • You will have the ability to edit what name is displayed.
  • The calls will not be recorded.
  • You can speak up or just listen to others sharing their experiences.

Support groups are meant to be a safe space to express what you’re going through and connect with others who may be in the same boat. There’s no judgment, commitment or expectations.

Please Share Support Groups with Others

These support groups are free and open to the public. Please help us reach more people who can benefit from attending.

Please share this page and hashtag #supportgroups on your social media. Feel free to download any of the promotional images below and share those as well.

Thank you for all your support!