Sweta Barjatya

Sales Admin

Sweta Barjatya describes herself as a people person who values honesty above all else. A born innovator and hard worker, she is always looking for new ways to improve current systems and processes.

A learner coach, she works in the Sales and Administration Department at Coacharya. In her Sales role, she interacts with individuals and guides them through their coaching journey. In her role as Administrator, she oversees the registration process of the participants, issues Certificates to the participants, and maintains records of the coaches into Hubspot. Her other responsibility includes evaluating the performance processes of the participants.

Sweta believes that a hobby is a pastime that keeps one engaged, focused, and happy. Painting pictures and portraits helps her achieve this state of being. Besides painting, she loves to spend time with her family.
Sweta holds a Post Graduate Degree in Commerce from Mumbai University.