Systemic Coaching

What is systemic coaching?

Systemic coaching is the most effective approach to aligning individuals – through the teams they work in – to the organization they work for.

Systemic Coaching has its roots in principles of Organisational Development, where the individual self is viewed in relationship to others around that individual, and in relation to the larger organizational or institutional ecosystem the individual and others belong to.

In a systemic approach, ideally, both the individual and the group the individual belongs to should be coached, so that both are in alignment, and also in alignment with the ecosystem.

Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Kurt Lewin, Edgar Schein, Peter Senge, Peter Hawkins and now Otto Scharmer build in the systemic view in the approaches they advocate.

Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching

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Webinars on Systemic Coaching

At Coacharya, we believe that systemic coaching will replace the traditional model of individual coaching, due to its cost-effectiveness and evidence of increased team and individual performance.

In the webinar series linked below, Ram speaks with experts in this field to explore the various aspects of systemic coaching. You may also enjoy an invogotrating session with Peter Hawkins, who we hosted for a webinar recently.