Youth Leadership

Our goal is to empower the next generation of world leaders. Young people 18-27 will learn practical skills they can apply to make an impact in their family, community, country and planet.

Young people these days… are pretty awesome. They’re artists, activists, athletes and quite literally the future of our planet. Why is it, then, that so many young people often don’t feel like they’re being heard? Or worse yet, they’re being heard, but no one is listening and what they say is dismissed. As the largest single demographic on the planet, the 1.8 billion young people deserve a voice. We’re here to help them find it. Coacharya alumna Leah Black, an experienced youth coach, mentor, and educator has developed an online program for the world’s youth.

Youth Leadership Program Format

There are several components to our Youth Leadership program. The content will be delivered without jargon and in formats that work for diverse global audiences aged 18-27.

  1. Group training – Participants 18-27 years old will meet for 90 minutes weekly, via Zoom. This is an interactive training program focused on building skills.
  2. School groups – Schools from around the world have the option of partnering with us for customized courses delivered in a combination of on-demand and live webinar-style and townhall virtual meetups. This program is open to learners as young as 13 when sponsored by schools. Contact us for more information
  3. On-demand self-paced programming – Soon, we are launching a library of free and mobile-friendly modules, available on This content will cover a wide range of topics applicable to young people.
  4. Individual and group coaching with specialist, credentialed youth coaches is also available. These sessions can be utilized by parents for their kids, by educators for their classrooms or student groups, and by individuals over 18 for career or life coaching. Pricing will be competitive to ensure the widest access to the largest number of young people.

Apply for Scholarship

If you’d like to be considered for a partial or full scholarship, please submit your application here.

Program Content

Imagine standing out from the crowd, being confident, sharing your voice, finding your passions and even leading others to make a positive impact through your presence in the world. Seems exciting, yet scary or even impossible? That’s where Coacharya’s Youth Leadership Program comes in to help.

  • Through group discussions, activities and personal reflection we’ll cover topics such as:
  • Coaching skills for personal growth
  • Finding Your Passions & Purpose
  • Exploring Success and Fulfillment
  • Gratitude and Acceptance
  • Your Values, Beliefs, Authenticity and Identity
  • Your Hero’s Journey
  • Feeling Fear, Risk Taking and Embracing Change
  • Effective Leadership
  • Positive Relationship Skills
  • Making Your Impact and Enabling Social Change
  • Building Your Voice, Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Social and Cultural Awareness
  • Your Legacy
  • Goal Setting

A week-by-week e-journal is provided for all participants to complete their personal reflections and homework.

Optional quarterly re-group will also take place to reflect and share on the journey and our challenges, progressions, achievements and future plans.

Are you 18-27?

We’d love to hear your opinion as to what really matters to you.

Want to be trained in coaching youth?

We offer two coach training options for working with youth. If you're an experienced coach, join for 30 hours. If you're starting out, join for 60 and apply for your ACC at completion of the program.

Want to support our Youth Leadership Program?

This program has the power to change the world. We’re looking for corporate sponsors, international schools, experienced facilitators and parents who want to enroll their children. If you have expertise or connections that you think would help make this program a global success, please get in touch. We’d love to hear your ideas and see how we can collaborate.