About Coacharya

Coacharya’s vision is to enable everyone, regardless of age, location and socioeconomic status, to be their best self.

Every day, we work to make it come true by providing content, training and services to help individuals and teams reach their highest potential in work, in life, and in their communities, in a way that’s authentic and sustainable, so that they can enact positive systemic change locally and globally.

Who We Are

We’re passionate professionals who believe in unleashing potential in all of us. Our diverse business and coaching experience as well as our international cultural backgrounds help Coacharya stand out from the pack.

Meet The Team

The Values We Live By

  1. Live Ubuntu – I am because we are
  2. Unconditional Positive Regard
  3. Anyone can be a leader, a coach and a healer
  4. Act out of love and compassion, not out of guilt or obligation
  5. Think systemically

What We Do

Our business is coach training, leadership training, corporate programs, coaching and all the supporting activities that go with it.  Our passion is to democratize coaching, thereby affecting positive systemic change across the world. Our approach to all that we do combines Western psychological and neurobiological models with Eastern philosophy, focusing on ethical leadership.

Coacharya coach training

To individuals, this means training towards coaching credentials with ICF, EMCC or CCE, getting support in life and work transitions, and lifelong learning (for coaches and non-coaches alike) through our webinars, online courses, article and podcasts.

Coacharya group coaching

To companies, this means scaling coaching skills throughout their organizations, supporting their leaders, increasing team, individual and organizational performance, help in developing corporate cultures, and building a bench of leaders so that they can create sustainable company growth.

Coacharya has certified over 1000 professional coaches, worked with 30+ Fortune 100 companies and helped tens of thousands of others find their purpose.

Leadership Development Resources

As part of our ongoing commitment to the coaching community and all individuals interested in leadership development, we constantly update our online resource library.

What Is “Coacharya”?

The word ‘Coacharya’ combines the best characteristics of a Coach, one who inspires a client to maximize potential holistically, with that of the Acharya, a Sanskrit word for a mentor guide who walks with the client without judgment.

Coacharya’s vision transcends cultures. We envision the enhancement of executive leadership potential through a transformational coaching process.

Coacharya’s vision blends the inspiring skill of the master coach with the artistry of the non-judgmental guide, the acharya, who walks alongside.

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Our Story Until Now

Coacharya began in 2005 when Ram Ramanathan started teaching self-development and emotional management programs designed as life solutions as part of his own spiritual quest. From early in his career Ram had a deep interest in psychology and human behavior in corporate environments. He studied and attended programs relating to Transactional Analysis, NLP, Appreciative Inquiry, Meditation, Zen, Tao, Energy Psychology and several energy healing techniques.

Ram put these philosophies into practice using his corporate duties of building teams, motivating and leading people as a muse. His analytical skills as an engineer, combined with the right brain activation through these learnings’, integrated him holistically as a problem-solver who could stand aside and help others to solve their own life issues. Ram evolved from a Jungian archetype of an aggressive leader who ran companies and peoples’ lives to a more humane, sensitive and empathic fellow human. He transitioned from his formal corporate responsibilities to a serial entrepreneur and start-up coach, in order to help fulfill visions of people wanting to build successful institutions. He continues to mentor coach many colleagues and subordinates in furthering their careers, enhancing their performances and balancing their lives.

In the 7 years that followed, Ram became the 5th ICF-credentialed coach in India, and in turn began to train professionals seeking encore careers to become coaches. Under his tutelage, a cadre of coaches emerged as founding alumni. As his work grew beyond the realm of sole proprietorship, Ram co-founded Coacharya in January 2013 with his son, Pranav. In 2017, Magda joined as partner and CEO to scale Coacharya globally.

Coacharya is now a strong global community of leaders, coaches and activists. Together, we are working to make systemic change to the world across all boundaries. 

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