Coach Training Referral Program

Do you know someone who’s thinking about becoming a professional or business coach? Then refer them to Coacharya and we will reward you with up to 10% of the program fees they pay us (up to $1000).

Our programs are accredited by ICF, EMCC and CCE (BCC).

How it works:

  1. REGISTER – Fill out the form below with names and contact details of anyone you think would be interested in training as a professional coach. Please refer only people that you know personally, who you have spoken to, and who would not object to Coacharya contacting them with program details.
  2. REVIEW – We will get in touch with your contacts and see if they want to join one of our programs.
  3. PAYMENT – Once your contacts decide to join us, we will invoice them for their program fees. We will let you know that they have joined Coacharya so you know that you can expect a referral fee.
  4. REWARD – We will send you your referral fee via PayPal within 30 days of us receiving the total payable program fees due for the person you referred. So if someone pays upfront, you will get your referral quickly. If someone pays in installments, we will send you  your referral fee once those installments are paid.

Some rules:

  1. Only people who are new and unknown to Coacharya are eligible to be referred. If they have already been in touch with us through our website, social media or personal connections, you will not get the referral fee.
  2. You can submit up to 5 people per month. We do this to ensure that the people don’t refer uninterested parties.
  3. Coacharya may block you from submitting further referrals if we deem your existing referrals of poor quality. The goal is to connect people who are looking for coach training with Coacharya, not to spam people. We will, therefore, be quite rigorous in enforcing this rule.
  4. We may change the referral amount or rules of this program at any time, without notice.
  5. Participation is completely voluntary.
  6. In order for you to receive your referral fee, the person you referred must start their program within 180 days of you submitting their contact details to Coacharya.
  7. This referral is subject to any local laws in your location. You are responsible for adhering to any laws and rules applicable to you.
  8. Coacharya is not responsible for any taxes that may apply to the referral fee you receive.
  9. You will receive 10% or $1000 of the total fees paid to Coacharya, whichever is less.


Refer someone to Coacharya

By using this form below, you acknowledge and accept the rules on this page as well as the general website terms of use.

Coach Training

Coach Training

Basic, Advanced and Mastery coach training programs available globally, accredited by ICF, EMCC and CCE.

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