Coacharya Leadership Team

Ram Ramanathan

MCC, SP, BCC — Mentor Coach

Ram S Ramanathan MCC

As Mentor Coach, Ram brings an accomplished 45-year career to the helm of Coacharya. He oversees all aspects of coaching and training services offered, and is responsible for creating all proprietary coaching models for Coacharya. Learn more about Ram.

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Cindy Muthukarapan

MCC — Training Director


Cindy Muthukarapan is an internationally recognized Executive and Leadership Coach, Trainer, Coach Assessor/Moderator, Mentor Coach and Program Director. Learn more about Cindy.

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Magda Walczak



Magda is an experienced marketing and growth expert. She’s shaping Coacharya’s strategy to stand out against traditional coach training companies. Learn more about Magda.

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Pranav S. Ramanathan

PCC — Managing Director


Pranav is a Principal and Managing Director at Coacharya. He oversees all aspects of Coacharya’s business operations, from ongoing strategy and best practices development, to day-to-day logistics. Learn more about Pranav.

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