Coacharya Approach to Coach Training

For all programs, Coacharya seeks to achieve 3 objectives:

  1. Learning the art of coaching
  2. Obtaining credentials
  3. Discovering oneself in mindlessness

Our ICF accredited coach training program combines a blend of psychological, spiritual and leadership approaches to coaching and organizational development interventions to help all learners reach those objectives.

ACTP Content

Coacharya’s ACTP program content includes more than 500 hours, which is delivered in groups of 135 hours of content. Additionally, Coacharya offers content from the ACTP library in smaller bytes of 30 hours to meet niche needs of learners for continuous professional development.

Completion of the entire 135 hour ACTP program, including mentored evaluation, is needed for ICF PCC, EMCC SP and CCE BCC credentials/accreditation. Completion of partial content without mentored evaluation can qualify for ACTH, Portfolio and CCE hours that learners may use as needed in conjunction with additional training hours they have earned either from Coacharya or other ICF approved trainers.  Coacharya is happy to guide the learner in constructing their journey pathway. You can see the curriculum here.

ACTP Content Andragogy

Coacharya ACTP content is based on trainer facilitated adult learning andragogy, not teacher led child focused pedagogy. Trainers, who are ICF MCC (Coacharya has over 30 MCC coaches in its alliance) or senior PCC coaches, all with significant industry experience, will use content slides that we provide registered learners as anchors for discussion to lead to self reflection, awareness and learning. Learners are accountable to come prepared to class with knowledge on content, which will be made available to them when they register, to ask meaningful questions on what they may not know and what they wish to know more, share experiences, use sub modular assignments to further learning. Trainers are accountable to evidence learning at 30 hour intervals and  often more frequently through mentored evaluations and assignments.

ACTP Module construction

Each of Coacharya’s ACTP programs has 135 hours of total content along with built in group and individual mentoring, with 30 hour learner evidencing to fulfill ICF, EMCC and BCC requirements for credentials/accreditation. Each program is designed to fulfill 135 hours ACTP requirements with 6 modules, each module sub-divided into 6 sub modules of 3 hours delivered content each, providing minimum 108 hours of synchronous delivery with at least 27 hours of self study assignments, leading to 135 hours of total content.

The modules are designed to be delivered in face to face, virtual and blended modes. Virtual delivery is via Zoom platform 3 hours/week at day/time agreed between trainer and learner. Face to face delivery classes are generally once a month for three days as 27-hour class room courses, in many cases supported by virtual mentoring sessions. Some trainers may offer a blend of both.

ACTP Sub-modular Design

Each ACTP module of 18 hours content has 6 sub-modules of 3 hours. Submodule 1 starts with sharing and review of past learning, which from the second module will be based on assignments provided for action learning. The final sixth submodule ends with mentored evaluated coaching practice. In addition, every 3 hour submodule provides brief coaching demos and practice sessions in for about 30 minutes.

Two of the remaining 4 sub-modules are generally on coaching competencies of ICF, as well as EMCC and BCC. The other two sub-modules are on applications related to coaching such as leadership. executive coaching, coaching models, coaching theories, organisational development etc.

ACTP Program Deliveries to combined ACC & PCC learners

Many of our learner cohorts have learners pursuing ACC as well as PCC credentials. ACC learners complete 65 hours with 3 modules in the ACTP program. PCC learners continue to module 6 to 135 hours. To ensure that learners at ACC level are fully trained in all coaching competencies, trainers will deliver competency submodules from modules 4, 5 and 6 in the first 3 modules for ACC learners to ensure competency at ACC levels. Learn about content modules here.

Integration of Eastern Philosophy with Western Science

Key to Coacharya’s unique differentiator in integrating Eastern philosophical wisdom with Western scientific knowledge is its concept of mindlessness.

Concepts of Zen ‘no-mind’, Hindu ‘fourth state of awareness’ and Hindu Buddhist collective consciousness integrate with Jungian psychological concepts of collective unconscious, neurobiological research on sensory-cognitive-emotive connections, Quantum science’s Singularity to result in Coacharya’s mindlessness. This is the space of the self-aware master coach without ego as a disengaged observer with the client with no judgment based agenda.

Coacharya content covers these concepts in sub modules on Use of Self, Self Discovery, Emotional Intelligence. Coaching Theories etc. Mindlessness relates to the competency of Presence, which in turn leads to the competency of Creating Awareness. Trainers will build these into understanding of coaching competencies from the start. Mindlessness is about inner awareness of the coach that enables creation of inner awareness in the client. From the very beginning learner coaches need to address the ‘who’ of the client in addition to client’s situation. Coach needs to ask curiously: What do you see happening within you? What mind shift needs to happen?

Trainers will also take you through non-denominational meditation techniques to support understanding and experiencing state of mindlessness.

Systemic Coaching and OD Interventions

Coacharya observes a growing trend with corporate executive needs in integrating mentoring with coaching and team coaching with individual coaching in line with Organizational Developmental principles. Systemic Coaching aligns organizational needs with those of teams and individuals to enhance systemic performance. We provide basic understanding of systemic coaching concepts in later ACTP modules, and address them in detail in our mastery module and some customized offerings.

Our ACTP content provides knowledge on OD interventions as well as related psychological approaches of Neurolinguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Gestalt etc. to inspire learners to delve deeper into these on their own.

Supporting Documents provided to registered learners

  • Deck of content slides of ICF approved ACTP content on Foundation Program
  • E book on expanded content
  • E book on Mentoring & Assessment
  • Workbook to support classroom learning
  • Coacharya website blogs
  • Recommended reading & viewing material
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