A Learner-Centric Approach to Coach Training

Coacharya is an ICF- accredited coach education provider of level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 credentialing. Our coach training programs are a blend of psychological, spiritual and leadership approaches to coaching and organizational development interventions to help all learners:

Learn the art of coaching
Obtain coaching credentials
Discover yourself through self-coaching


Support For Your Coaching Journey

We’re here to help you succeed. With our programs, you’ll gain a solid foundation in coaching and you have the flexibility to pursue advanced study to develop your own coaching model. We support you every step of the way and we offer endless opportunities for you to learn and practice your coaching. We’re here for you so you can be the best coach you can be.

We’re Focused on our Learners

We’re here to help you become the best coach you can be. Our learners may come for the accredited training, but they stay for the community and ongoing support. In fact, our whole approach to training new coaches is learner-centric.

  • Get multiple credentials with no extra training cost (Full ACTP program)
  • Option to pay fees in installments
  • Talk to our trainers before you join so you’re 100% confident
  • Peer coaching opportunities so you can log your client coaching hours faster
  • Extensive free webinar program to supplement what you learn in class and to help you grow your coaching business
  • Free continuing education units for your coaching credential renewal
  • Lifetime access to online resources portal with new materials added every month
  • Full online coaching test to help you practice
  • Master classes so you can specialize

Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) Content

Coacharya has over 1000 hours of content accredited with ICF. This means that in addition to our regular coach training programs, we can offer master classes and other specialized programs for continuous professional development.

If you complete our 125 hour Level 2 program and mentored evaluation, you will be eligible to apply for 3 credentials: ICF PCC, EMCC SP and CCE BCC.

If you complete fewer hours, your training still qualifies you to apply for ICF credentials via ACSTH. Please contact us if you’re not sure what path or program is right for you.

Level 2 (ACTP) Content Andragogy

Coacharya ACTP content is based on trainer-facilitated adult learning andragogy, not teacher led child focused pedagogy. Educators are ICF MCC (Coacharya has trained 100 plus MCC coaches) or senior PCC coaches, all with significant industry experience. We acknowledge and embrace DEI and use a multiple learning approach , slides, discussions, experiential learning, and encourage community engagement. Learners we provide learners as anchors for discussion to lead to self reflection, awareness.

Learners have access to an online learning portal which includes slides, ebooks, workbooks and multiple other resources. Learners are therefore accountable to come prepared to class. This means completing any assigned reading, asking meaningful questions in class and sharing their experiences. Trainers are accountable to evidence learning at every 30 hour interval by providing detailed feedback on coaching session recordings and other assignments submitted by learners.

Programs Designed for Diverse Cohorts

Many of our cohorts have learners pursuing ACC as well as PCC credentials. Learners come from all over the globe, so each cohort is completely different from the next.

No matter what credential is their end goal, all learners start at the same time, with the same content. Learners pursuing the ACC credential complete 60 hours of classroom training. PCC learners continue with another 65 hours (for 125 total), plus 10 hours of mentored evaluation.

To ensure that all learners, regardless of level, are fully trained in all coaching competencies, the first 60 hours of training is solely focused on coaching competencies. The subsequent 65 hours is where learners are introduced to more coaching techniques, tools and theories.

Integration of Eastern Philosophy with Western Science

Coacharya is the only ACTP provider globally that integrates Eastern philosophical wisdom with Western scientific knowledge and the concept of mindlessness.

Concepts of Zen ‘no-mind’, Hindu ‘fourth state of awareness’ and Hindu Buddhist collective consciousness integrate with Jungian psychological concepts of collective unconscious, neurobiological research on sensory-cognitive-emotive connections, Quantum science’s Singularity to result in Coacharya’s mindlessness. This is the space of the self-aware master coach without ego as a disengaged observer with the client with no judgment based agenda.

Coacharya content covers these concepts in modules like Use of Self, Self Discovery, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Theories. Mindlessness relates to the competency of Presence, which in turn leads to the competency of Creating Awareness. Trainers will build these into understanding of coaching competencies from the start. Mindlessness is about inner awareness of the coach that enables creation of inner awareness in the client. From the very beginning learner coaches need to address the ‘who’ of the client in addition to client’s situation. Coach needs to ask curiously: What do you see happening within you? What mind shift needs to happen?

Trainers will also take you through non-denominational meditation techniques to support understanding and experiencing state of mindlessness. (If you’re interested in Eastern Philosophy, we encourage you to watch our webinar series on this topic.)

Systemic Coaching and OD Interventions

Coacharya observes a growing trend with corporate executive needs in integrating mentoring with coaching and team coaching with individual coaching in line with Organizational Developmental principles. Systemic Coaching aligns organizational needs with those of teams and individuals to enhance systemic performance. We provide basic understanding of systemic coaching concepts in later ACTP modules, and address them in detail in our mastery module and some customized offerings.

Our ACTP content provides knowledge on OD interventions as well as related psychological approaches of Neurolinguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Gestalt etc. to inspire learners to delve deeper into these on their own. (If you’re interested in Systemic Coaching, we encourage you to watch our ongoing webinar series on this topic.)

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