Coacharya Approach to Coach Training

For all programs, Coacharya seeks to achieve 3 objectives:

  1. Learning the art of coaching
  2. Obtaining credentials
  3. Discovering oneself in mindlessness

Our ICF accredited coach training program combines a blend of psychological, spiritual and leadership approaches to coaching and organizational development interventions to help all learners reach those objectives.


Andragogy, as a combination of knowledge sharing, discussion, reflection, application and action, learning both inside and outside the classroom. Interactions occur in pairs, trios and larger groups using role-play, games and discussions. Typically, a major concept would be addressed for at least 30-minutes to be internalized.


Informal assessments for each module during practice sessions, and a formal written assessments for every 30 classroom hours, based on a competency checklist. Final assessment and evaluation is conducted by an independent MCC-certified coach.


All subjects, including coaching competencies, are addressed de novo, and observed mentored coaching starts with an aim to achieve mastery from the beginning. The program goal is a mastery of coaching competencies along with self-discovery and ability to apply them.


Face-to-face, virtual or a hybrid as necessary. Classroom hours are interactive, using embedded learning tools. Daily observed mentor coached sessions aid with practice and self-evaluation. Outside the classroom, additional learning occurs through self-study, evidenced by assignments. A minimum 100 hours of peer coaching also takes place.


All Coacharya’s trainers have senior corporate leadership experience, a minimum ICF PCC credential, and continued executive leadership coaching experience.


This program is open to all with an interest in the coaching process, with or without previous professional training. The program focus is on leadership development of institutional professionals and executives with at least 10 years of experience. Life coaching competencies are also taught at basic, advanced and mastery levels.

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