What Past MCC Learners Have To Say

“The true power of coaching is the heightened self awareness every time you coach.”

“For me, this journey has been special not only because I cleared the MCC in my first attempt, but the realisation of the true power of coaching.

The true power of coaching is the heightened self awareness every time you coach.  A self awareness that enables you as a Master Coach to see things more clearly and intuit the clients issues more powerfully. This comes from the understanding that as a Master Coach you have no need to demonstrate your skills and prove how good you are. The realisation that all you would really need to do as coach is to focus intently on the client to the exclusion of everything else.

The true power of coaching flows from this focus and intent.”

Prasad Deshpande
Chief Executive Officer
Empowered Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd.


“I am convinced, that the MCC journey… is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself development so far.”

“MCC by Coacharya is like learning how to Be a Coach, Leader, Communicator, by being more Human. Human as required in present times. It helps us learn how to be. Period. It’s so fundamental and yet it’s so masterful. What I got from Coacharya’s MCC coaching sessions in the presence of masters of masters such as Cindy and Ram was a way to progress on self-mastery.

I got sensitised on the subtle nuances of mind, words and actions as they exhibit themselves during coaching sessions as coach, client and also as observer through feedback discussions following the coaching conversations. I experienced its direct and indirect influence on the efficiency and effectiveness of conversation, the other person in the conversation and the probability of achieving a collectively desired outcome.

The journey gave me deeper insights about myself and how I can be with self and others using the fundamentals of coaching masterfully. It got me to be more present to my inner world serving the present outer world for optimal impact. Thank you Coacharya, for enriching rest of my life by cultivating a greater presence in me so much so that I started practicing all conversations as coaching conversations in my life. This includes self-talk transforming into self-coaching.

It’s a must-do for each of us who wants to get in greater touch with the innate power of self, others and life by practicing unconditional positive regard at every moment effortlessly. I am convinced, that the MCC journey, especially the one blessed with presence of the above two masters of Coacharya, is one of the best investments I’ve made in my self-development so far. Feeling delighted and grateful to Coacharya.”

Mugdha Shah
DGM Special Projects
at a Chemicals Society for Rural Development