ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education (CCE)

Our relationship with coaches doesn’t end when their training program finishes. Coacharya’s support spans each coach’s entire career.

Continued Coach Education for Credential Renewal

Coacharya is accredited by multiple organizations to offer continuing education credits: ICF, EMCC, SHRM and CCE. , offer varying requirements for continuing coach education (see comparison). Coacharya supports coaches in renewal of their credential by offering frequent free opportunities for CCE coaching and earning their CCE credits.

Please review coaching credential renewal requirements on the coaching bodies’ websites:

Free CCE Coaching Resources

In addition to webinars, we offer on demand courses, white papers, articles, discussion forum, coaching services marketplace and many more resources, all free to the coaching community.

Free Coaching and Leadership Webinars

Coacharya’s webinars are a free service to the broacher coaching and leadership development community. Their goal is to support continuing education and share best practices in coaching and leadership development. In addition to coaches associated with Coacharya, we host PCC and MCC coaches, Learning & Development executives, and thought leaders associated with the coaching profession. You can see all upcoming webinars on our events page. All webinars are free, but you must register to attend.

Weekly Webinar Themes

The webinars are as follows;

2nd Wednesday of the month – Future of Coaching Webinar 

  • This conversational series assumes the audience already has a general knowledge of coaching.
  • Topics may change each month or follow a specific topic across multiple webinars.
  • Coaches will earn Resource Development (RD) for attending.

3rd Wednesday of the month – Hero’s Journey

  • In this webinar series, the host will be bringing us stories of heroes around us who have stepped up in the face of adversity and made a difference.
  • Coaches will earn Resource Development (RD) for attending.

4th Wednesday of the month – Masters in Coaching

  • On the 4th Wednesday of each month, a different MCC-level coach will lead a discussion on a leadership topic, tying it directly to specific coaching competencies.
  • Coaches will earn Coaching Credential (CC) for attending.

Coacharya is dedicated to providing opportunities for coaches to consistently develop and grow professionally through learning and skills enhancement – Coacharya offers certificates for attending webinars as below: Resource Development (RD): Participants of the Future of Coaching and Hero’s Journey webinars will receive 1 Resource Development (RD) for each webinar of 60 minutes. Coaching Credential(CC): Participants of the Masters in Coaching webinar will receive 1 Coaching Credential (1 CC) for attending one webinar of 60 minutes.

You must claim the RD/CC within one week of attending the webinar.

You can see recordings of past Colloquiums on our YouTube channel. Listening to recorded sessions qualifies for self-study Resource Development credits, as defined by ICF.

Claim your RD & CC

You can claim Resource Development (RD) and Coaching Credentials (CC) for past webinars you’ve attended. Please note that you must claim your RD and CC within 7 days of the webinar taking place. Thank you.

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