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Whether you represent a multi-national corporation or a growing startup, we can help. We’ll work with you on a customized program to help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges. Some of the frequent reasons companies reach out to Coacharya are:

Help teams and individuals achieve their goals

Further professional development of leaders

Address specific issues in the organization

Develop high potential leaders and build a succession plan

Certify internal coaches with ICF or EMCC to scale coaching internally

Create a coaching culture as part of Best Place To Work initiative

Overcome challenges due to mergers and acquisitions

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We coach individuals, groups and teams at companies of all sizes. How can we help you?

Our Approach

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Leader as a Coach

Leadership has come a long way, transcending traditional managerial roles. Today, there is a growing call for leaders who empower employees and make them unleash their best selves. At Coacharya, we embrace the idea that every leader has a coach within; it is just about discovering it. 

Our program ‘Leader as a Coach’ is meticulously designed for leadership roles. It is your pathway to unearthing your inner coach. This program will help leaders build awareness about their skill sets while enhancing their leadership skills to lead themselves, their teams, and the organization, thus bridging the gap between knowing and doing. 

Leaders will acquire an array of skills and techniques, transitioning from Learning to Coach and Coaching to Lead. Key program takeaways include: 

  1. Having difficult conversations with a coaching approach
  2. Giving and receiving feedback in a coaching style
  3. Conducting performance appraisals employing a coach-like method
  4. Shifting from command & control to effective collaboration 

Coaching Mindset

Our program for corporate groups, Coaching Mindset, was designed to help organizations scale coaching skills efficiently, effectively, and affordably. It’s essential learning for people managers at all levels of an organization, but it can help anyone to learn and apply a coaching approach to their work. The result? Trust and improved communication within the teams, which leads to increased performance. The program can be customized based on company goals and supplemented by 1:1 coaching, 360s, and more.

A Systemic Process of Coaching in Organizations

The question we started with was, what is the optimal organizational leadership development intervention that will increase performance?

Based on our own and shared experiences of experts in corporate consulting, coaching and training, we found our answer.

The most effective way to bring coaching into organizations is a systemic process, aligning individuals with their teams to meet larger organizational stakeholder goals.

systemic coaching approach usually means integrating elements of:

Corporate Coaching for Individuals

Corporate Coaching for Individuals is more easily understood, trained coaches are available, and coaching is well promoted. That’s why 1:1 coaching tends to be a popular service provided by companies like Coacharya to corporates. Our trained coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties. In order to achieve behavioral shifts, we recommend purchasing six (6) sessions per each individual who will be coached. Many organizations choose to also include 360 feedback before the start of the coaching relationship to set a benchmark, and another 360 at the end of the coaching intervention. 

While specialist skills may always come from external coaches, Coacharya’s view is that the best kind of coaching in organizations comes from a coaching culture, and internal coaches. To that end, Coacharya offers private coach training programs (including 30-hr short courses), which help organizations scale their coaching capability internally. Of course, any individuals from a company may join our public coach training programs at any time. Group rates are available. 

Group Coaching

Groups are different from teams in that they do not have, and may not be emotionally and cognitively bonded to, common organizational goals. In general, group needs are emotional intelligence based approaches to performance, including behavioral inputs aligned with coaching competencies to support leadership development, including: 

  • People engagement by building relationships, leading to collaboration
  • Performance review & developmental feedback based on contracting outcome
  • Aligning organizational vision & culture with strategic mission, actions & goals

Group coaching sessions are usually in cohorts of 10, for 16 hours in 8 weekly 2 hour sessions, with concept delivery, discussions, role plays of work situations, practice and assignments. In addition to addressing individual needs in the sessions, more rigorous intervention can be through selective Corporate Coaching for Individuals. Group coaching can be a mix of training, facilitation and coaching as a non-directive, horizontal and exploratory process and is best used to communicate and shift culture across the organization.

Team Coaching

Team coaching benefits the organization better than just group coaching when executive leadership teams have defined goals, and outcomes can be evidenced as ROI.

Team Building, Action Learning Projects (ALP) & Co-creation of collective team goals based on stakeholder interests are key elements of Coacharya’s proven proprietary SPEED process to build and coach leadership teams.  

The Team Coaching approach with ALP is ideal for high potential leaders through a collaborative approach, using principles of Google’s Project Aristotle and Lencioni’s Dysfunctions of Teams, along with Systemic Approach pioneered by Coacharya in collaboration with global leaders in this subject.

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International Accreditation in Coaching

Coacharya’s 30-hour coach training programs for organizations can be the pathway to international accreditation with International Coaching federation (ICF) and European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) on a fast track basis, with additional hours of training and mentoring. Learn more about coach training. Many of our clients choose to include this option as it leads to development of more internal coaches.