PCC Certification Training(ICFAccredited)

Prepare for Level 2 (ICF PCC), Board Certified Coach or EMCC Senior Practitioner credentials.

ICF-accredited coach education provider for Level 2

Board Certified Coach – CCE Accredited

EMCC Accredited

Program Length Learners without credentials: ~10 months
Learners with ACC credentials: ~5 months
Locations Globally – Virtual/Online
India – In person and virtual (see schedule)
Prerequisites 10+ years of professional experience recommended
Language of
(Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Hindi, and several others on request)
Completion Requirements for Learners without coaching credentials 125 hours of classroom participation
10 hours of mentoring with MCC coach
Various assignments & coaching session recordings
Completion Requirements for Learners with ACC Credential / ACC to PCC Bridge Program 65 hours of classroom participation
10 hours of mentoring with MCC coach
Various assignments & coaching session recordings
PLEASE NOTE Please note that ICF, EMCC and CCE have additional requirements for achieving credentials, which aren’t outlined on this page. Our PCC Certification Training program provides support to learners for all those requirements. We also provide ongoing education, via monthly webinars, free of charge.


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Coacharya’s Accredited Coach Training Program

Coacharya is an ICF- accredited coach education provider for Leverl 2 (ICF’s PCC) certification, EMCC’s EIA Senior Practitioner certification and CCE’s BCC (Board Certified Coach) certification. The 135 hour program is intended for coaches who do not hold any coaching credentials (125 + hours of classroom + 10 hours of mentoring).

Coaches who currently hold the ICF ACC, EIA Foundation or EIA Practitioner credentials may complete the 65 hour bridge program. Please contact us for more details.

All Coacharya programs are delivered by PCC or MCC-credentialed coaches. Our training stands out as it effectively blends Eastern spirituality with Western psychology and focuses on individual leadership development in work and life, through the following techniques:

  • Creation of self-awareness and mindlessness
  • Self and social emotional mastery
  • People orientation
  • Excellence in communication
  • Energy-based coaching

Participants learn to develop their own processes and models, go into deeper experiential learning of coaching competencies, and work on practical business oriented assignments such as coaching models, business models, and marketing approaches.

Why Train With Coacharya?

Our training programs blend Western methodologies with Eastern philosophies. That’s just one reason why our coach training programs stand out. See why else training with us is a sound investment in your coaching future.

Start with PCC

Coacharya’s programs are flexible. You can pursue your PCC certification with our 135 + hour, or choose the 65 hour bridge if you already have credentials or coach training.
Get in touch for details.

Who should attend

This PCC certification is suitable for CEOs, CXOs, Heads of Human Resources/Learning & Development, consultants, and trainers from a variety of industry verticals.

Coacharya Advanced is meant for executives and professionals with substantial corporate experience, including:

  • Executives and professional who wish to upgrade their current capabilities to apply in their current work and life. This includes those in career transitions or in retirement.
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up founders who plan to branch out on their own using coaching as their business objective.
  • Managers who could use coach training at their workplace
  • Students pursuing professional graduate programs in business, law, psychology, and medicine.

Program structure

Globally, our programs are offered virtually, via Zoom. Classes meet weekly, for 3 hours at a time, on a set day and time.

Learners in India can attend face-to-face programs in select cities. Please contact us for more details or see our upcoming schedule.

50% of session time is spent on interactive discussion of concepts and coaching applications. This happens through trainer instruction, question and answers, discussion on books and videos, coaching role-plays relating to live issues, and discussion of cases. The other half of each session is spent on observed/mentored coaching in pairs and teams (dyads/triads/fishbowl formats).

Some of the Observed Coaching sessions are conducted via live teleclass mode to familiarize students with telephonic/audio coaching. This prepares learners to be effective when working with clients across all media and timezones.

You can see a detailed outline of all modules covered in our coach training programs here. Or, please get in touch with us to request a PDF copy.

Completion requirements

All learners are expected to attend all classroom hours, but they must attend a minimum of 80%. Additionally, learners commit to at least 2 hours of self-study, reflection and assignments for each 3 hours of class. Upon completion of classroom hours and assignments, learners participate in an additional 10 hours of mentoring with an MCC level coach. Requirements may change from time to time, but will be outlined in an intake agreement that all learners must sign before they enroll.

Upon successful fulfillment of Coacharya requirements, participants can apply for Level 2 credentialling (ICF’s PCC), EMCC (EIA Senior Practitioner) and CCE (Board Certified Coach / BCC). This involves submitting a log of experiential coaching hours, undergoing a written test, and submitting 2 coaching conversation recordings and transcripts.

Thinking about joining our program?

Please contact us to ask any questions you may have about coach training. We’ll put you in touch with a coach who can guide your journey.

How Coacharya’s PCC Coach Training is different?

Coacharya coach training covers all the coaching competencies required by ICF, EMCC and CCE, while incorporating the following into the learner experience:

  • Yoga and meditation techniques for awareness
  • Advanced concepts of mindlessness for awareness and presence
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) for reframing, awareness and action
  • Appreciative Inquiry for communication and actions
  • Positive Psychology for reframing, awareness and action

Learning in Coacharya programs occurs through reflection, practice and action. Our focus is on transformation and coaching mastery, even within the limited time of the program. We emphasize the journey, rather than the outcome. You can read more about what makes Coacharya special and learn about our training approach.