Applying the Coaching Mindset to Life’s Challenges

Aug 20, 2021

When you come together with your whole self, in your everyday life that can be called a coaching mindset. – Deva Dey

As coaches, we use the coaching mindest to help our clients find their answers but this same lens can do wonders when applied to look at our own challenges. In this webinar, our panelists talk about the coaching mindset and how it can be used to shift our perspective from just looking at the challenge to get into action mode and actively look for ways that help us solve our problems.

Some topics that were covered in the webinar:

  • What is mindset?
  • What is a Coaching mindset?
  • How mindsets can change over time
  • Importance of mindset in success
  • Using coaching mindset in everyday life
  • How to shit our perspective
  • Helping others develop a coaching mindset

Watch the full video on our YouTube Channel

Webinar on Applying the Coaching Mindset to Life’s Challenges

Podcast on Applying the Coaching Mindset to Life’s Challenges

The session is also available as a podcast. Look for Coacharya on your podcasting app, or listen below in your browser now.

Noopur Nautiyal
Noopur Nautiyal


Noopur is the Content Manager at Coacharya. She manages the content published across various platforms.

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