Customize Your Coach Training with Electives

Magda Walczak  •  Jan 19, 2021  •  3 min read

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Customize Your Coach Training with Electives

A lot of training institutes focus their curriculum on a particular model they developed or that they particularly like. At Coacharya, we’ve always thought that this approach is very limiting. After all, not all coaches are the same – surely, the same approach will not fit every coach.

The way we have addressed that is to offer a rich curriculum, blending ancient wisdom with modern science. This gives our learners a holistic approach to coaching, putting many tools in their toolbox so that they can use them as they need them. What we haven’t done enough of, however, is given our coaches an opportunity to specialize (if they want to) and deep dive into topics that are most relevant to them.

Starting in 2021, we’re going to offer our learners an opportunity to customize their coach training through a variety of electives. Each elective will get you 30 hours of accredited training towards your ICF or EMCC coaching credential. Here are some ways you can use coaching electives:

  • If you don’t have any coaching credentials, you can take our 60-hour Coaching Foundation + 2-3 electives in order to qualify for PCC and/or SP
  • If you have your ACC:
    • Use an elective to fulfill your core competency credential renewal requirements
    • Take 2 electives + attend our webinars to apply for PCC via Portfolio
    • Take 2 electives + Mentored Evaluation with us to apply for PCC via ACTP
  • If you have your PCC:
    • Take Coaching Mastery + an elective + attend some webinars to apply for your MCC
    • Take 2 electives + attend webinars to apply for your MCC
    • Use an elective to fulfill your core competency credential renewal requirements
  • If you have your MCC:
    • Use an elective to fulfill your core competency credential renewal requirements
    • Specialize your coaching practice

Do you want to specialize in a specific area of coaching? Perhaps you want to explore a new coaching niche? Let us know! Please scroll down and fill in the form, checking any electives that sound appealing to you. We will take your feedback into consideration when scheduling upcoming classes.

*** Please note: We’ve partnered with some of the best-known coaching masters to deliver 30-hour coaching elective programs. If there’s a specific person you’ve always dreamed of working with, let us know! Put their names in the last field on the form below. We’ll see what we can do :).

Which electives interest you?

Let us know below and we will contact you when your chosen topic(s) is available. Thank you!

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