Emerging Human Challenges

by | Jun 8, 2023

Since ancient times human evolution has been a tale of survival through changes and challenges. Over time, the context and causative factors have changed. The challenge is in the way we address the context and causes.

Baby Boomers are dead or ancient, as are the landlines they grew up with. Gen X is getting outdated as are the computers they grew up with. Millennials may not outpace the technology they spawned. Gen Z on whom hope rests, is facing the world with trepidation. Gen Alpha, who knows?

What we know is this. There is a loss of faith in institutions. Religious entities, Governmental functions, Corporates, Educational systems, family structures, health professionals and teachers are not respected by the vast majority. There is a loss of faith in oneself as a result, and an absence of purpose and meaning in life or at work. Knowledge is no longer something to be learnt once one knows how to ask a chatbot. Grey hair and experience are not assets any more. Who does one turn to for guidance? Who can one trust?

Critical, Creative and Collaborative thinking is likely to be key assets in leveraging the emerging future. As coaches let us view the future through these lenses from a systemic perspective that integrates the individual, institutional and global challenges.


  • Wellness, Safety

Spiritual wellness nurtures safety, belongingness, and respect for others. It is likely to be the most important factor in determining emotional, cognitive, and physiological well-being. This necessitates having faith, purpose, and meaning in life and work.

  • Work-Life Integration

We need to move from the myth of balancing work and life to integrating them seamlessly. Hybrid work, flexible hours, and vocation with meaning rather than employment for a living may be pathways.


  • Talent Management Through Learning

Corporate and other institutions are likely to be more involved in education to build motivation and loyalty at school levels. Education will become more meaningful and flexible. Learning will become continuous and action based.

  • Collaborative Engagement

Teams are more likely to be favoured than individual stars in order to break down silos and internal competition to build collaboration. Systemic team coaching approaches can be pathways to collaborative learning.

  • Communication 

Communication will be a learned behavioural skill from schools as an aid to interpersonal and societal relationships. Internal and external communication can be a powerful aid to wellness.

  • Change Management 

Change management will invite multiple stakeholder views and integrate them to support decision-making. This will be further aided by collaborative communication and learning.

  • Sustainability 

Long-term perspective and scenario planning will take into account external and futuristic influences, especially of the environment and communities, and be the norm.


  • Technology Impact

Technology will be embedded in every aspect of our life and work with wearables and more intuitive user interfaces. The challenge will be to keep technology shifts benign. Spiritual wellness would be a key factor in influencing this.

  • Social Media Effects 

Education, especially in spiritual wellness, will be critical to coping with negative invalidation aspects of social media and enable its more empowering potential.

  • Ethical Issues

The concept of ethics and morality will move from their roots of religious commands to a more spiritual understanding of the fact we are all energy beings encased in matter. Non-violence may be a more purposeful credo than definitions of right and wrong as they exist now.

The human system, as individuals and institutions, locally and globally, will go through major shifts in each of these, as well as other areas. It is possible that the corporate for-profit institutions will have the highest motivation and the best resources to pioneer these shifts. Coaching as a means to evoke awareness of our spiritual nature and being in touch with it will play a significant supportive role in the evolution of our consciousness and the quality of our lives in future.


  • What is your view as a corporate leader about emerging challenges?
  • What can you do in these scenarios? 
Ram Ramanathan
Ram Ramanathan


Ram is the Founder and a Principal at Coacharya. As the resident Master and mentor coach, Ram oversees and conducts all aspects of coaching and training services offered under the Coacharya banner.

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