Emotional Intelligence


Mar 13, 2021

“I found more and more use of Emotional Intelligence in my role as a coach. In my role as a parent. In my role as a colleague. In my role as a friend. It’s something that we can no longer ignore.”

– Priya Ramesh, MCC

Emotional Intelligence is of great significance when it comes to coaching, leadership and, life in general. Each of us must take the time to understand the different parts of our brain and how they function. Priya Ramesh, MCC, is one of our associate trainers who also happens to be a certified EQ Assessor. Her areas of expertise include Emotional Intelligence, Work-Life Integration, Leveraging Leadership skills and, Personal Power.

In this webinar, Priya tells us about the role that emotions and feelings play in making rational decisions or taking a course of action.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Competences around EI
  • How to manage yourself in the moment
  • Relationship with others (Social Awareness)
  • Empathy
  • Facts about EI
  • Feeling Wheel
  • Fundamentals of EI

Webinar on Emotional Intelligence

Watch the full webinar on our Youtube Channel

Podcast on Emotional Intelligence

The session on emotional intelligence is also available as a podcast. Look for Coacharya on your podcasting app, or listen below in your browser now.

Further Reading on Emotional Intelligence

The following books come recommended by our speaker and emotional intelligence expert, Priya.



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