Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) – Individual Certification in Bangalore, India

Jun 11, 2018

I found the Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) framework relevant to coaching both at the individual and system level. Integrating this vertical assessment with the horizontal framework of most psychometrics provides a powerful lens to view the client and client situation. I strongly recommend EUM to coaches serious in enhancing their quality and performance of coaching.

The workshop will take place July 12-14 in Bangalore, India. Coacharya alumni will get a 10% discount of quoted fees. Please email sarbari.gomes@gmail.com and refer to this blog post to take advantage of the discount.

Please note – Coacharya has no financial arrangement in promoting EUM.

– Ram

About the EUM-I Workshop

When: 12th, 13th & 14th July 2018

Where: Taj West End, Bengaluru

Register: Email sarbari.gomes@gmail.com

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Ram Ramanathan, MCC
Ram Ramanathan, MCC


Ram is the Founder and a Principal at Coacharya. As the resident Master and mentor coach, Ram oversees and conducts all aspects of coaching and training services offered under the Coacharya banner.

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