Rejection, Chemistry & Feedback

Apr 8, 2022

“Rejection isn’t always about you doing something wrong. It’s also not about somebody else doing something better than you. There are so many things in play. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of chance.” – Dr Komal Smriti

Everyone has to deal with rejection at some point. We as coaches guide our clients through rejections and feedback. But what happens when we coach, are being the once that are rejected? How do we react to it? What do we do?

Magda, Komal & Tracy share their experiences of being rejected and how they cope with them.

Learn About

  • How do we respond when rejection happens?
  • Rejection in coaching. Examples
  • Aligning with clients
  • What do we do when the client feels we are not listening
  • Growth and Evolving

Webinar: Rejection, Chemistry & Feedback

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Denz Jacob
Denz Jacob


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