The Hero’s Journey Part 2: Evoking and Evolving

Silvester Jacob  •  Dec 27, 2021  •  2 min read

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The Hero’s Journey Part 2: Evoking and Evolving

“When the hero is ready, the mentor appears.”

― Will Craig

The Hero’s Journey is a framework for embarking on a compelling journey. It follows the path taken by the protagonist within the arc of a story: An ordinary person, receiving a call to action, starting with humble beginnings, taking the journey with all its trials and tribulations, then transforming – resulting in a renewed person.

The Hero’s Journey can be found embedded in many popular mythical stories like Star Wars and Toy Story.

Cindy and Ujval explored the inner journey a hero’s takes. They talk about the trials a hero overcomes. How important it is to accept one’s self,  and accept the change that comes along with your journey. Evoking awareness and the tools & resources that will aid in their journey. They explain how coaches can use this for themselves and the benefit of their clients. Finally, they talked about what are the last moment hurdles that come in the way of the hero’s  journey

Learn about:

  • Inner journey the hero undertakes as they embark on their adventure
  • it’s significance in coaching
  • acceptance of self
  • evoking awareness
  • transformation and changing the normals
  • last moment dangers

Webinar: The Hero’s Journey Part 2 Evoking and Evolving

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