The Power of Words: Shaping Your Experience Through Language

Apr 29, 2024

What if we told you the word you choose to define your process holds the power to shape your actions towards it?

Imagine this: you’re facing a hurdle in your life. When someone asks how you’re doing, what’s your first response? Do you say you have a “problem,” or do you call it a “challenge”? Take a moment to feel the difference in your mind and body. “Challenge” feels empowering, doesn’t it?

This is the essence of what Prakash explored in our last Unpack the Unconscious session. He shed light on the power of language, not just the words themselves, but also the grammar we use. He explained how adverbs and adjectives impact our perception of effort and accomplishment.

To illustrate this mind-body connection, Prakash led us through a powerful visualization. We closed our eyes, picturing helium balloons in one hand and a heavy book in the other. As he added more balloons and books, the weight in one hand grew, while the other felt the uplifting pull of the balloons. When we opened our eyes, the difference was stark. One can say that as the “problems” (books) piled up, the weight dragged us down. But the balloons (representing “challenges”) offered a sense of lightness and possibility.

This exercise beautifully demonstrated the power of self-talk. The way we speak to ourselves influences our behavior and outcomes.  Prakash emphasized the importance of positive language when facing challenges, reminding us of the interconnectedness of words, emotions, and the physical body. He stressed that mastering our internal dialogue is key before we can become truly effective communicators.

We then put this concept into practice, sharing personal goals with partners we were paired with in breakout rooms. By observing each other’s language choices, we discovered how seemingly minor tweaks could shift our perspective.

Prakash wrapped up by discussing the power of sensory language to drive desired behaviors. We’ll be diving deeper into this next month at our Tuesday meet-up. In the meantime, why not experiment with using positive language in your own life?

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Noopur Nautiyal
Noopur Nautiyal


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