Virtual Networking

Apr 2, 2020

Virtual Networking: Human Connection in a Digital World | Stefano di Lollo

Have you ever thought of social media and networking as interchangeable? Today’s guest, Stefano di Lollo has. In fact, he has turned it into an art. This session started out with virtual networking as the topic, but it’s really about human connection. Join Stefano as he addresses the how and why of networking and digital connections and shows us how to stay human behind the avatar.

Have a look for yourself!

Are you somebody who likes to learn from examples? Take a look at Stefano’s Instagram page. You’ll see what he means when he talks about using these connection platforms to “find your tribe” rather than make mere transactional relationships. Soon you’ll find that these platforms aren’t just a place where people can show off about their lives. They can be incredibly impactful if one has the right intentions and comes from a place of genuineness.

Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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