Dr. Komal Smriti, PCC, SP

Born, raised, and lived in India (for over 40 years), Komal calls Canada her home now. She sees this change as a calling or a journey of exploration more within than outside. She studied Business Management and received her doctorate in the subject of “Relationship Marketing in Service Organizations”. Starting as a lecturer in Management, she went on to work in Corporate for 14 years, before choosing to become a professional coach. She is certified by ICF (PCC) and EMCC (Senior Practitioner).

Komal’s coaching experience began while she worked in corporate. She started by developing cultural coaching program for her expatriate clients. She loved the coaching space and also saw the client’s getting benefits. And when she chose to get into coaching full time, it connected with her at a deeper level. She is a curious learner and explored various dimensions of coaching – Psychological, Somatics, Ontological enquiry, Transformational. And her personal quest brought her to the exploration and appreciation of the ancient philosophies, which she continues to learn from and bring in her coaching practice as well.

She is a mother of two kind and creative children and she believes that her motherhood has taught her the most and brought her true liberation. When she is not coaching, she can be found cooking, reading a book, writing, out for a walk, enjoying poetry, Sufi music, having random conversations, creating something (her latest skill being macramé), or just sitting in silence with herself. She is driven by the personal values of Excellence, Grace, and Integrity that keep her grounded and energized.

Get to Know Komal

Komal is a frequent host and guest on our weekly webinar series. In addition to her expertise in organizations and as an executive coach, Komal’s an expert in ancient philosophies and how we can apply lessons of the past to our lives today. Here are a few excerpts from webinars with Komal.

Hear What Komal’s Past Learners Think

Komal runs regular Coaching Foundation and Advanced Coaching programs with Coacharya. She also facilitates Create Your Future and Ancient Philosophy in Coaching. Here’s what some of her past learners have to say.