Nobantu Mpotulo, MCC

In my coaching approach, I follow the agenda of the client. Through probing questions and sharing just-in-time observations, I take clients deep and help them to identify their blind spots and embrace their shadows. Clients go deeper into the subconscious and unconscious levels and dance with what emerges. I provide a safe and open space for the coachees to do their work, focusing on unexplored territories. Moving on a continuum of being non-directive to directive depending on what is missing in the client’s system, we unearth what has meaning for the client. I use mindfulness practices and expanded awareness and presence, ensuring coaching from roots, gut, heart, and body. No matter what I do I get to the HEART of the client and the HEART of the matter. My coaching mantra is See More, Hear More, Love More, Illuminate More, Be More, and Do Less.

The coaching dream and aspiration for me started when I was 16 doing my final year of high school. My family expected me to follow science/math careers in the footsteps of my brothers as the last born of the family. One of my brothers took leave from work to make sure I got an A+ in Math, little did he know that my eyes were set on humanities, which I made sure to come to fruition. I did my psychology degree, studied further in humanities, and started my career as a Student Counsellor in institutions of higher learning.

I branched from counselling to consulting, coaching, and organisational development in 2000. This new field exposed me to systems thinking, gestalt, enneagram, process work, emotional intelligence. This was a start of an exciting career and profession in individual and team coaching at a time when coaching was still new. This journey has culminated in me developing Ubuntu Coach Training, a Trainer of Coaches, doing live coaching Ubuntu demos for numerous global platforms, boasting over 3500 coaching hours, accredited by ICF at Master Certified Coach (MCC).

Armed with MA(Guidance and Counselling), Durham University UK, Certified Enneagram Coach, and Teacher, Mentor Coach, Gestalt Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Ubuntu Coach.

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