Tracy Brown, PCC

Tracy is a Holistic Life and well-being coach who understands the profound impact that self-awareness and unconditional positive regard can have on one’s life journey. Her commitment to supporting clients to enhance their overall well-being is deeply rooted in her personal experiences.

Although Tracy began coaching while in a senior role in 2006, she truly found her calling as a coach after completing a 125-hour Coach to Lead program with Coacharya led by Ram Ramanathan. Tracy is also a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher with 200 hours of training, and she uses a blend of somatic and emotional awareness, mindfulness, reflection, and intentionality to empower her clients to unleash their potential. Tracy is passionate about yoga, nature, and books and podcasts on meditation, ancient philosophy, and self-exploration, and she is dedicated to sharing the tools she’s developed over the years with her client practice and Coacharya learner coaches.

She has had a dynamic and diverse career background, having successfully navigated various career pivots and co-founded a business in a foreign country. In addition to coaching, coach training, and mentoring, she is well-versed in curriculum design and has developed personal and leadership development programs for individual and corporate clients. These clients range from multinational corporations to private mindfulness groups. Tracy also has extensive experience in leadership positions, including a high-level role as an Agency Director in the fashion industry, where she managed and coached a roster of over 100 of Canada’s leading photography and artist talent. She established and spearheaded the growth of the agency’s photography production division in Toronto, and led the setup and expansion of a regional office in Montreal, where she customized the agency’s offerings to meet the needs of a new region and clientele. In this role, Tracy also guided new business initiatives while managing retention and overseeing agency operations. Tracy has held various other roles throughout her career, including Event Production Director, Accounting Manager, and Co-Founder/Managing Director of a tourism startup.



  1. Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  2. EMCC Accredited Coach/Mentor at Senior Practitioner Level from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)


  1. 200-Hour Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training from The Lab of Meditation issued February 2021
  2. Currently halfway through Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training with 4 out of 8 modules completed

What Alumni Say About Tracy

“She is hands down one of the most present and compassionate teachers and coaches I have ever worked with. She has a quiet and powerful ability to challenge my assumptions that have led to shifting my perspective in extraordinarily important ways. She is an incredibly open and inclusive teacher as well. In addition to her depth of skills in facilitation and coaching, she brings mastery as a meditation teacher. I have had a meditation practice for over 20 years and have engaged in many guided meditations, and Tracy is really the most gifted guide I have sat with in both her approach and application. I highly recommend her as a facilitator, teacher, and coach.”

— Paula Di Rita Wishart, Assistant Dean, University of Michigan