Ujjaval K Buch, MCC

Regions: Virtual / Global Programs: ACTP (ACC & PCC)

Ujjaval has been a practicing coach since 2012. After a life-threatening major accident, he was bedridden for the whole year of 2010. During this phase, he went through life purpose discovery process and got introduced to coaching and fell in love with it, so much so that he made it his life purpose.

He founded United Minds in 2012 with a purpose line “Let’s create new possibilities”. United Minds offers 4 practices to their clients – Coaching Practice, Conversations Practice, Culture Practice, and Experience Management Practice, well supported by 20 member team.

Ujjaval has been a mentor coach for coaches-in-the-making and One can expect a lot of ‘experience-based wisdom’ from him regarding credentialing, sharpening coaching competencies, or kick-starting coaching business, etc. He has also actively helped many coaches to transition into a full-time coach.

Organizations consult him for creating a measurable impact on ownership, engagement, performance and productivity levels of their people.

He has successfully blended approaches like coaching, positive psychology, the latest research in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and systems thinking. Systems thinking is at the heart of everything he does.

Apart from being an MCC from the ICF, he is certified on Theory U from the Presencing Institute at MIT. Theory U is one of the most profound theories of facilitating change in social/human systems.

His latest social impact initiative “#CareKarta” – certified conversational specialists who can offer ‘conversational caregiving’ to create positive mental outlook during COVID times and beyond, is gathering momentum.

Ujjaval draws his inspiration from the maestros like Dr. David Bohm, Fritjof Kapra, Daniel Goleman, Dr. Richard Davidson, Francisco Varela, and the MIT Trio – Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, and Edger Schein.

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