With Coacharya’s Coach to Lead, transform a group of employees into a team, with common vision and an action plan that can actually achieve that vision.

Duration 1. 2 day workshop
2. Monthly group sessions over 6-9 months
3. Bi-weekly individual coaching with key group members
Group Size Suggested sizes:
30 max at middle management level
15 max at senior management level
Goals Customized to the organization, but usually revolve around a particular project, initiative or annual planning
Venue Onsite at the client
Coaches ICF PCC or MCC level coaches
Experienced corporate professionals
Trained in Organizational Development
Many with MBAs
Specific industry experience available upon request

Most companies undertake annual planning exercises. Most companies use KPIs, OKR or other performance metrics in order to focus their employees towards common goals. Most companies put in place action plans and schedules to see how things are going.

Most companies fail in achieving their goals.

Coacharya’s Coach to Lead has been developed to aid companies not just in creating annual plans, but actually delivering the promised results. All while building leaders within the organization to create a culture of coaching throughout.

Coach-to-Lead offers executive leaders a blend of action learning, group and individual coaching and training, using a combination of psychology, spirituality and leadership competencies, to co-create vision to develop and implement actions aligned with organisational objectives.

  1. Develops mentor managers to leader coaches
  2. Creates an internal coaching culture
  3. Aligns corporate vision with individual aspirations
  4. Helps teams collaborate on an action plan with accountability

Business Coaching

We coach individuals, groups and teams at companies of all sizes. How can we help you?

Program Overview

Coach To Lead is a bespoke corporate program that combines proven techniques for team building, co-visioning and action planning (SPEED) with systemic coaching and action learning.

Companies engage in Coach to Lead in order to create a sustainable coaching-based leadership culture in the organisation so that they can address pain points such as:

  1. Effective annual planning
  2. Leadership pipeline building
  3. People engagement and communication
  4. Specific project objectives

Program Structure

Our program uses specially designed tools to:

  1. Build Teams (through emotional bonding)
  2. Co-create Vision (with KPI/OKR)
  3. Collaborate in Action (with accountability as individuals & teams)
  4. Produce results, assisted by team/group coaching

Program Structure

Bespoke Solution for Your Organization

Coach to Lead can address a variety of challenges faced by corporation, all the while building the leadership and coaching muscle of participants. Contact us to see how we can help develop your company’s leaders and put them on a path towards high performance

Why Coach to Lead Works

Coach to Lead creates an emotional connection and psychological safety between individual participants so that they can form a team, buying into aligning with company goals and committing to an action plan in the process.

Studies show that one-of training doesn’t result in meaningful outcomes. Neurobiologically, it takes time for things to sink in and new habits to form. Ongoing progress check-ins and coaching reinforce work that has been learned over time through action learning.

Why Coach to Lead Works
  • Coach to Lead is a holistic process, superior to OKRs or similar goal setting processes alone
  • It includes team building through creation of psychological safety and congruence, co-creative visioning process and creating a collaborative action plan for OKRs.
  • Group and individual coaching sessions provide participants feedback on actions, learnings and progress
  • Each session integrates leadership coaching competencies
  • It is systemic, aligning individual, team and organisation
  • It is collaborative, creating people engagement
  • It anchors performance through action learning
  • It empowers participants through coaching
  • Up to 21 participants per group
  • 360 feedback for leaders prior to start of group sessions
  • Future sessions can be facilitated by mentor leaders from the group