SPEED – Group Program

Organizations often work in silos resulting in employees that form groups, not teams, with weak leadership.

Groups of people rarely exhibit commitment to a common cause and develop an emotional bond. When that emotional bond happens, however, groups morph into teams. The power of teams magnifies the individual effort and input, unlike groups where behavior can be divisive and detrimental to the organization. This is where Coacharya’s SPEED program comes in.

SPEED is a workshop-style program which combines team building, co-visioning and action planning. It forms the first part of our Coach to Lead program.

Companies engage in Coach to Lead in order to create a sustainable coaching-based leadership culture in the organisation so that they can address pain points such as:

  1. Effective annual planning
  2. Leadership pipeline building
  3. People engagement and communication
  4. Specific project objectives

Transform Vision Into Action

Corporations often adopt a top-down approach toward organizational structure. Studies show that this directive approach works poorly with the millennial generation, and for that matter, with prior generations as well. Employees at any organization feel good about being consulted, but also perform far better when they find they can control and co-own outcomes.

Coacharya has developed a proprietary team coaching method called SPEED™, to involve all members of a team in making decisions that affect them — effectively and quickly.

SPEED™ Consists Of 5 Stages:

  1. Sharing strengths
  2. Presenting the future
  3. Exploring options
  4. Establishing structure
  5. Developing action

SPEED Program Structure

Our SPEED vision to action program is usually deployed over 1 or 2 days. It usually forms the first part of our Coach to Lead program.

Below is an example of how SPEED would be implemented in a one-day workshop timeframe.

SPEED - transform vision into action

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Bespoke Program For Your Team

The SPEED program can be deployed in organizations of all sizes and industries. Contact us to see if your leadership goals and challenges can be addressed with this, or other Coacharya programs.