Coaching Philosophy

Coaching with Coacharya is a transformational journey for all who undertake it.

The unconscious mind no longer has the Freudian negative connotation. The Collective Unconscious of Jung resonates with the concept of Cosmic Consciousness from the East. In the coaching process, master coaches refer to this energy beyond mind body consciousness in several ways: awareness, insights, presence, transformation, and release from limiting beliefs. Coaching happens when the coach and client commune in consciousness, beyond communication. Coaching works when it transcends into a dance of energy, beyond dialogue, when it turns mindless.

Coacharya’s 3A Model

Coacharya’s 3A Model builds on this concept. It helps the client move from the unknowing unconscious to the all-knowing unconscious, from incompetent disability to competent mastery in a harmonious flow.

Coacharya 3A Coaching Model

Coacharya developed its unique model based on its process of mindless coaching, as applied to corporate learning.  This 3A model helps the client move from the disabled state of unconscious incompetence to the highly enabled state of unconscious competence.

Coacharya’s process follows developmental models such as the 70:20:10 Model of Adult Learning, in which nearly half of corporate talent development occurs through professional coaching and mentoring, both internally and externally. Coacharya also recognizes Daniel Goleman‘s wisdom that emotional intelligence matters far more in leadership roles than professional skills and knowledge.

Coacharya’s proprietary process of coaching combines evidence-based psychological models with a right brained, holistic and emotionally intelligent client-centered approach. The process integrates the client’s experiential learning with their value-based self-discovery, resulting in ethical leadership orientation. This unique model blends the best of western psychological and eastern spiritual ideologies with an international perspective, helping the client develop superior interpersonal management skills.

Coacharya’s coaching philosophy

We see coaching as a creative process based on energetic interaction between coach and client, supported by trust, respect and equality. Coaching needs to be more than client-centered and client congruent.

Awareness plays a central role in a coaching process. Awareness occurs at various levels: physical, emotional and cognitive. Deepest awareness, however, occurs, beyond these at an energy level, where emotions, thoughts and sensations disengage. Witnessing without judgment occurs. We call this state a mindless state. True coaching, and as a result transformation, happens at this level.

At Coacharya mindlessness goes beyond the physical, emotional and cognitive level. We practice and teach energy level mindlessness in coaching, by training practitioners at each of the previous levels. We seek mastery.

Inherently coaching cannot be scaled and sold in boxes. To overcome our scalability limitations, we work with like-minded partners, who we train in our approach, process, model and methodology.

Our client interaction occurs via a hybrid of face-to-face and telephonic sessions making us accessible anywhere and at anytime. This agility is supported by physical locations in primary cities worldwide. We establish collaborative partnerships with like-minded professionals who will use coaching as a primary Organizational Development (“OD”) [1] tool to develop corporate leadership cultures, which create sustainable company growth. Coacharya’s principal team will select, train and nurture partner assets to fulfill its mission and develop high potential, high performance corporate leaders.

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