ICF Team Coaching Certification Exam

Every ACTC candidate is required to pass the ICF Team Coaching Certification exam. This is a written exam and is computer-based consisting of 62 questions developed and reviewed by team coaching experts. The exam tests the candidate’s knowledge and ability to apply ICF Team Coaching and Core Competencies in team coaching contexts. 

ICF Credentials and Standards will deliver the ICF Team Coaching Certification Exam in partnership with Pearson VUE. Candidates can appear for the exam at a Pearson VUE testing center. They can also complete the exam online through Pearson OnVUE, a remote-proctored testing service that allows candidates to test from their home or office while being monitored by an online proctor. 

 All information about the exam, with access links to important resources and sample questions is available on ICF’s Team Coaching and Certification Exam page.

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