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The infinite potential we have as humans is rarely manifested as actuality. The earth has the potentiality to the actualities of forests, farms, orchards, mines, creatures and many other things. Yet, sometimes, the earth is barren devoid of seeming actualities. The unseen energy is not always in sync with the visible matter. Yet, the potential does exist. Universe is still giving.

In our daily life this polarity is the divide between needs and wants. Need is the connect to make potentiality actual. The Hindu concept of karma talks of the prarabda as the essence of what we bring in to this current life as the purpose to fulfill. Krishna, in Bhagavad Gita says, “When you die what dies is your form, the matter seen as body and mind; your energy lives on. Your energy reappears wearing new clothes of body and mind. However, the last unfulfilled desires and fears you left with in your last life carry over as an essence, a scent, vasana, into your present life.” This invisible scent are the needs. Sadly, this remains deep in our unconscious unseen, not experienced though there are processes that can make these visible.

However, as we grow, these needs are replaced by wants, desires we borrow seeing others experiencing them. Unlike needs that can be and must be fulfilled, wants are greed that can never be fulfilled. Ramana says, “This universe has the potentiality to fulfill needs of billions but not the want of one person.”

This shift from want to need is the polarity shift from transaction to transformation. Transformation is not doing the same thing or even multiple things to reach the same outcome – it is questioning the outcome we want and reframe. Transformation is death and rebirth, destruction and recreation. It is the work of Shiva. You become Shiva. You learn to destroy past conditioned memories, cleanse your mind, and heal yourself to a new You. 

In the process you integrate three other polarities. Sensory knowledge is converted to experiential knowledge through reflection, action, feed back, and reflection as a virtuous cycle. The thinking mind is quietened into stillness. Mindfulness as a sensory mind body awareness shifts to Mindlessness as a spiritual energy awareness. None of these is either or. All are integration, serving us well in one form, and better when integrated with the other.