How to Coach Leaders Systemically to Excellence?

Feb 5, 2024

Company cultures are like country cultures. Never try to change one. Try, instead, to work with what you’ve got.

Peter Drucker

Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.

Warren Buffet


Leadership Excellence and Change

Imagine two ship captains navigating storms. While one patches leaks on a steady vessel, the other seeks a new ship altogether. Which one’s right? This age-old debate reflects the contrasting views of leadership gurus Peter Drucker and Warren Buffett. While Drucker emphasized stability, Buffett championed adaptation. But what if both are right?

Today’s leaders face unprecedented change, demanding a nuanced approach. Sticking to the “patch-and-stay” method might not suffice in a whirlwind. Yet, abandoning a ship can be daunting. So, how do we achieve leadership excellence in these turbulent times?


The Guiding Light of Strong Leadership

Leadership excellence isn’t just about weathering storms. It might sound strange when we speak of rapid change but leadership excellence can be the calm center of the storm while also being the anchor that guides a ship out of a storm. It’s about:

  • Inspiring and influencing, not just dictating.
  • Emotional and spiritual intelligence, putting others first.
  • Building strong teams through systemic collaboration.
  • Open and authentic communication, fostering trust and well-being.
  • Creating a safe space for individual and collective growth.
  • Aligning vision with diverse stakeholder needs, past, present, and future.


Equipping Leaders for Success

Leaders need to be decisive, objective, and adaptable. They must navigate the complex needs of a multigenerational workforce seeking autonomy and emotional support. This might seem challenging, but here’s the good news:

Systemic approaches and spiritual coaching can bridge the gap.  By understanding both individual aspirations and organizational needs, leaders can foster alignment and shared purpose. Coaching empowers self-awareness and team building, creating a resilient core amidst the storm.


Coacharya’s SPEED Process: Your Roadmap to Excellence

Our systemic approach, grounded in Kurt Lewin’s principles, combined with spiritual coaching, helps teams achieve:

  • Clarity: Shared vision and goals.
  • Alignment: Individual aspirations integrated with organizational needs.
  • Engagement: Motivated and empowered teams.
  • Empowerment: Leaders equipped to navigate change.
  • Development: Continuous growth and adaptation.

Don’t just weather the storm. Lead your team to excel in it. Contact Coacharya today and unlock your leadership potential!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Ram Ramanathan, MCC
Ram Ramanathan, MCC


Ram is the Founder and a Principal at Coacharya. As the resident Master and mentor coach, Ram oversees and conducts all aspects of coaching and training services offered under the Coacharya banner.

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