Coaching Young People

Specialize your coaching practice or focus your coach training on youth from the get-go. Choose a 30-hour or 60-hour program based on your goals.

Qualify for 30 or 60 ICF and EMCC training hours

Learn basics of teenage and young adult behavior

Acquire skills in applying coaching and mentoring to working with youth

Youth coaching can make a big and lasting impact on the lives of young people who are going through significant changes in their body, mind and identity, and transitioning (often unprepared) into the world of adulthood. As youth coaches, we can help them to better navigate this difficult period in their lives and support them so they have hope and excitement for their futures.

Learner Outcomes

  • Deeper understanding of coaching 13 – 25 year-olds
  • Confidence coaching teenagers and young people
  • Become aware of self-limiting beliefs and practices so as to act on them and help teenagers and young people to overcome their personal barriers to grow in self-awareness and confidence
  • Deliver effective coaching for 13 – 25 year-olds
  • Be aware of the differences between adult and youth coaching, and the ethical practices associated to coaching young people

Youth Coaching Curriculum

  • Youth Needs & Challenges
  • Building Positive Relationships with young people
  • Difficult Conversations & Common Issues 
  • Ethics, Boundaries & Safeguarding in Youth Coaching 
  • Effective Communication with Young People 
  • Adolescent Behaviour & Development  
  • Youth Identity & Creating Self-Awareness 
  • Youth Passions, Purpose & Social Impact 
  • Youth Futures & Goal Setting 
  • Systemic, Peer & Group Youth Coaching 
  • A Multi-Agency & Multi-Disciplinary Approach (Involving and Working with Parents, Education, Employers, Referral Agencies & Services)
  • Designing & Structuring Your Youth Coaching Program 

In addition, the Youth Coach training includes youth coaching activities and resources, tools, models, case studies, real life examples and best practice approaches to youth coaching.

Download the Youth Coaching Program Brochure