A Journey That Transforms You & Yours: An Ontological Road

Oct 23, 2023


“Ontology is the science of being. It is about exploring what it means to exist, to be human, and to make sense of our world.”
– Robert C. Solomon, American philosopher

Have you ever wondered how a philosophical concept like Ontology can revolutionize the world of coaching?

This week, we had the privilege of hosting a panel discussion with a dynamic group of Coacharya alumni who have experienced firsthand the transformative power of Coacharya’s Ontology-based coach training program with Dreyvan Dayse, PCC. Their insights painted a vivid picture of how Ontology has revolutionized their coaching practice, enabling them to create safe and empowering spaces for their clients.

As they shared anecdotes about their coaching journey, it became clear that Ontology is not just an add-on to coaching; it is a fundamental shift in perspective that fosters deeper connections and allows coaches to tap into the true potential of their clients. The most powerful element of this discussion was how Ontology has not only helped them professionally, but the profound impact it has had on their personal lives.

The alumni shared stories of personal growth and transformation, highlighting how the Ontology-based program challenged their assumptions, expanded their horizons, and instilled in them a deeper understanding of human nature and the coaching relationship.

Through their experiences, we witnessed the profound impact of Ontology on coaching, its ability to enhance client relationships, deepen personal growth, and broaden perspectives for a more meaningful and impactful coaching experience.

Webinar Highlights

Here are some key themes that were explored during the webinar:

  1. Ontology: Impacting Minds and Practices
  2. Ontological Training in Coaching
  3. Transforming Leadership with Ontology
  4. From Transactions to Partnerships
  5. Ontological Training and True Leadership
  6. Ontology’s Impact on Parenting and Personal Growth

As the discussion concluded, it was evident that Ontology has a transformative power that extends beyond coaching techniques and methodologies. It is a philosophy that empowers coaches to create a space where clients can explore their true selves and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Webinar: A Journey that transforms You and Yours – An Ontological Road

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Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash

Yamini Kandpal
Yamini Kandpal


Yamini Kandpal works as a Content Specialist at Coacharya. With a background in writing and editing as part of journalism, she has found her own corner in the stories of the coaching world. While away from work, you can find her traveling or scribbling her musings in a notebook.

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