Building Institutions of the Future: The Intersection of Spirituality and Coaching (ICW 2024)

May 6, 2024

People leaders, coaches, and HR professionals likely know Dr. T.V. Rao, a pioneer in India’s Human Resource Development (HRD) field. Dr. Rao is passionate about nurturing people, organizations, and institutions. He emphasizes the critical need for “institutions of the future” in our society. International Coaching Week (ICW 2024) serves as a timely backdrop to explore Dr. Rao’s vision for building these future institutions, which hinges on developing a specific kind of leader: the institutional builder.

Who are Institutional Builders?

Dr. Rao seeks to understand how we can cultivate institutional builders. These individuals and groups share a core characteristic: they are centered in themselves (self-aware) but not self-centered. Instead, they are other-centered, driven by a desire for the greater good. These leaders understand that building something lasting often requires sacrifice, and they are willing to make those sacrifices.

The Role of Spirituality in Building Institutions

Spiritual institutions have guided society for centuries. Dr. Rao proposes that the new institutions will be built by individuals with a strong spiritual foundation. Here are some key qualities such leaders will possess:

  • Vision: Setting a clear, inspiring vision for the greater good.
  • Execution: Balancing a focus on long-term vision (one eye on the future) with meticulous, step-by-step action in the present moment (the other eye).
  • People Management: Building trust and providing psychological safety for their team members, while setting clear expectations (deliverables).
  • Resilience: Leaders who are impacted by difficulties but can quickly bounce back, regulate their own emotions, and then help their team do the same. They will maintain a clear focus on the vision through challenges and ensure their team does too.

The Role of Coaching in Developing Institutional Builders

Dr. Rao emphasizes the critical role of coaching in developing these institutional builders. He believes coaching is central to unlocking their potential and building the institutions of the future.

Dr. Rao’s insights offer a thought-provoking perspective on leadership development. Are you interested in learning more about building institutions with a focus on the greater good? Join Coacharya’s fireside chat with Dr. T.V. Rao on Spirituality and institution-building on May 17th at 7:30 p.m. IST. Register now and learn how coaching can empower you to become an institutional builder and contribute to a better future.

International Coaching week

This session is part of a week-long program (May 13th-18th) featuring renowned names in spiritual leadership and coaching. Register now to be a part of this transformative International Coaching Week event!

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Ujjaval Buch, MCC
Ujjaval Buch, MCC

Ujjaval K Buch

Ujjaval has been a practicing coach since 2012. After a life-threatening major accident, he was bedridden for the whole year of 2010. During this phase, he went through life purpose discovery process and got introduced to coaching and fell in love with it, so much so that he made it his life purpose. He founded United Minds in 2012 with a purpose line “Let’s create new possibilities”. United Minds offers 4 practices to their clients – Coaching Practice, Conversations Practice, Culture Practice, and Experience Management Practice, well supported by 20 member team.

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