Spiritual Coaching: The Secret Weapon Against Adversity

by | Apr 4, 2024

Recently, I met with a group of Coacharya alumni in Singapore, some of whom I’d personally trained in spiritual coaching and self-coaching. Their shared experiences and spiritual intelligence during our conversation were truly inspiring.

Overcoming Adversity Through Spiritual Coaching

These individuals had faced significant challenges – health issues, career upheavals, personal struggles, and stressful work transitions. Yet, what stood out was their remarkable self-awareness and resilience. Interestingly, they attributed this strength not to popular self-help books, but to the power of spiritual coaching. Several alumni elaborated on the impact of Coacharya’s emphasis on self-coaching, systemic coaching, and spiritual coaching. These pillars, built around spiritual intelligence and a concept we call “mindfreeness,” have become core aspects of our coaching philosophy. Witnessing the positive outcomes in the classroom is one thing, but seeing their real-world application in Singapore was a powerful experience.

A Different Approach to Coaching

Many coaching institutions focus on developing competencies, skills, and mindset. Spiritual coaching, systemic coaching, and self-coaching are often overlooked. The prevalent approach seems geared towards a commercial model, neglecting the vocational service aspect of coaching.

The Significance of Inner Work

How can one effectively coach another without engaging in spiritual self-coaching? How can a coach guide a client without considering the client’s energy field beyond just cognitive functions? Similarly, systemic coaching acknowledges the interconnectedness of individuals and their work environments.

A Call for Change

Currently, no major credentialing body mandates spiritual coaching, systemic coaching, or self-coaching as part of their training or assessment. Even incorporating spiritual intelligence in coaching or therapy remains uncommon.

The Power of Inner Strength

My experience with these alumni, and many others I’ve coached and mentored, highlights the crucial role of inner spirit and energy in overcoming adversity. Their faith in something greater fostered acceptance and often, gratitude, in challenging situations.

Many alumni expressed a desire for meditation sessions, a core component of our spiritual coach training. Meditation and spiritual coaching are inherently aligned for me. Some may find this unconventional, but when a coach operates in a state of “flowing not knowing,” completely focused on their own and the client’s energy, the experience becomes meditative and spiritual. Perhaps one day, all coaching institutions will embrace the potential of spiritual coaching.

The Future of Coaching: Integrating the Power Within

Our sense of security, resilience, and ability to cope with challenges stem from the confidence that we, as part of a larger spiritual energy system, possess immense potential. Meditation and self-coaching are pathways to unlocking this potential. Ultimately, faith in ourselves provides meaning and purpose to our work lives, reminding us that we are vehicles for service, existing as energy beings within a physical body.

I look forward to collaborating further with this inspiring group and those they connect with, through meditative and spiritual coaching. This will be a practical, focused experience, grounding their energy awareness in everyday realities. As the saying goes, “If you believe, you will understand.”


I’m deeply grateful for the Singapore alumni group and their commitment to spiritual coaching. I wish these spiritual coaches the very best in whatever they embark on knowing what works for the universe works for them. Their success affirms the power of our approach. This experience motivates me to learn more and continuously express Coacharya’s belief system through my daily interactions.

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Ram Ramanathan
Ram Ramanathan


Ram is the Founder and a Principal at Coacharya. As the resident Master and mentor coach, Ram oversees and conducts all aspects of coaching and training services offered under the Coacharya banner.

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