Tell Your Own Story

Jul 8, 2022

“We were born to be real, not perfect”

This is the thought that struck me while tuning in to this week’s Wednesday Webinar. We at Coacharya are celebrating July as the month of creativity and it was kicked off with the webinar ‘Tell Your Own Story.’

Telling your own story can feel exciting or terrifying. But no matter who we are or where we come from, our stories mold us into the people we become. Being able to share those stories can inspire or motivate others. Or if nothing else, it can make someone realize they are not the only ones going through similar challenges which might sometimes be life-altering for them.

The process of branding also begins with sharing your story. Take any successful company for example. All of them have their unique stories and they have made them what they are today. Steve Jobs’s vision of offering something way ahead in the future catapulted Apple into the company it is today. So, find a medium you are comfortable with and share what you have to say. Create your brand, and in Magda’s words “your tribe will find you.”

Learn about

  • Being okay by yourself
  • Happiness in oneself leads to the happiness of others
  • The importance of accepting one’s true self
  • Finding your true self
  • Stores molding the individual
  • Creating your brand

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Webinar: Tell Your Own Story

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Denz Jacob
Denz Jacob


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