Webinar on 3 LinkedIn myths that are holding back your business

by | May 8, 2020

During this Webinar, Sonal Bahl gave us a deeper insight into the world of LinkedIn. She busted common myths and gave us tips on how to leverage LinkedIn in order to grow your business and make yourself more noticeable on the career front.

About Sonal Bahl

Sonal is an experienced HR Director and Career Strategist, living in Belgium. Originally from India, she has lived and worked in India, Uruguay, Chile, France, and Chile.
After nearly 2 decades in HR, screening over 250,000 resumes, and conducting over 5000 interviews in 3 continents – she has helped recruit, build and evolve highly talented teams. She has experience working with large companies like GE & PwC, midsize family-owned firms & startups.
Her career-boosting strategies give people the competitive edge to land their dream job, get promoted, and lead a richer, happier & more purposeful life.
Sonal has an MBA from INSEAD, currently ranked number one program in Europe and top 2 globally, and serves as an official interviewer for INSEAD MBA applicants in Belgium.
She speaks English, Hindi, Spanish and French fluently and speaks basic Dutch.
Sonal is currently training with Coacharya to be an ACC Certified Coach, accreditation expected in 2020.
Connect with her on LinkedIn here.

Watch the full webinar here:

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Nishmita D'Souza
Nishmita D'Souza


Nishmita D'Souza is Marketing Coordinator at Coacharya. She is a firm believer that the key to development is education and awareness. She is also an illustrator by hobby. Follow her on Instagram using the handle: @damsel.in.a.doodle

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