What is Spiritual Intelligence?

Jan 23, 2024


Spiritual Intelligence transcends the sensory mindful, emotional, and cognitive levels of intelligence, driven by our ego states. It is the Energy Intelligence of our natural true Self


Loneliness, once considered an ailment of the elderly, has become a silent epidemic affecting all ages, from teenagers to seasoned adults. It has even prompted the US Surgeon General to call it a serious public health issue. Ironically, this often occurs despite being surrounded by family, friends, and even online connections. The culprit? Not a lack of interaction, but a disengagement of the mind and spirit.


Our fast-paced, digital world, with its focus on social media validation and superficial connections, has fostered a crisis of faith. Faith in institutions, systems, and even ourselves seems to be waning. This leaves many wondering if true happiness and well-being are even attainable.

But there’s hope. The answer lies not in external factors, but within ourselves, through the cultivation of Spiritual Intelligence. Spiritual Intelligence is about finding one’s roots. It is about understanding who we are, our purpose in life, and what truly nourishes our souls.


S.A.G.E., an acronym for Selfless, Acceptance, Gratitude, and Engagement, provides a practical framework for nurturing SQ and achieving holistic wellness. Let’s delve into each step:


  1. Selfless: The Paradox of Fulfilling Yourself to Fulfill Others: Before we can truly give to others, we must first fill our own cups. This doesn’t mean selfishness, but rather a mindful self-care that allows us to radiate our own inner light. It’s about moving beyond ego-driven desires and connecting with our core needs, which, ironically, are often aligned with the needs of others. In this selfless state, we become instruments of collective well-being.


  2. Acceptance: Embracing the Present Moment with Faith: Accepting who we are, where we are, and what we are, requires faith. Faith allows us to create acceptance and let go. We can accept our limited locus of control. This includes accepting our limitations, our circumstances, and even ourselves. This acceptance breeds contentment and frees us from greed and fear. This is the second step in gaining spiritual intelligence and holistic wellness.


  3. Gratitude: The Healing Power of Thankfulness: A natural consequence of selfless faith and acceptance is gratitude. Recognizing the abundance in our lives, however small, shifts our focus from lack to abundance. This appreciation opens us to the healing power of the universe, both within ourselves and in others. Gratitude becomes the bridge between our journeys and the collective quest for well-being.
  4. Engage in Spirit: Connecting on a Deeper Level: Most of our interactions are transactional, driven by cognitive thinking and practical concerns. But true connection happens on a deeper, spiritual level, where mind, heart, and spirit converge. This is where S.A.G.E. shines, guiding us to engage with others from this authentic space. We listen without judgment, empathize without reservation, and act with courage and clarity. As author Otto Scharmer suggests in his “Theory U,” this is where true transformation unfolds.



The Path to a Better World Begins with Us

We all yearn for a more just and peaceful world, characterized by conscious leadership, sustainable practices, and a harmonious global community. Yet, this vision can only become reality if we, as individuals, cultivate our own inner well-being and spiritual intelligence. By embracing S.A.G.E. and nurturing our roots, we can not only combat loneliness and find personal fulfillment but also contribute to a brighter future for all.

Remember, the journey to holistic wellness starts with a single step. Take yours today.



My free translation follows from a page of the Tamil novel Yathi by Pa. Raghavan sent by one of our alumni, Vijayakumar Rajagopal. 

“The bullock cart has a body frame and strength. The bull has the mind and life energy. The rider leads the cart and the bull in spiritual intelligence and awareness towards holistic energy wellness.

How far is the ride,  how long, and what to load and how much- these arise from the spiritual energy intelligence of the rider, not the mind of the bull and the body frame of the cart.

We are aware of being the cart and the bull. We forget we are also the rider. Our energy Self directs our course. When we become aware, realize, and accept our energy Self, we are out of sorrow and pain, in holistic wellness. 

To be the mere cart and the bull or to be the rider is the free will choice we make.

What’s your choice?”

Cover Photo by Sean Nufer on Unsplash

Ram Ramanathan, MCC
Ram Ramanathan, MCC


Ram is the Founder and a Principal at Coacharya. As the resident Master and mentor coach, Ram oversees and conducts all aspects of coaching and training services offered under the Coacharya banner.

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