Master Whole Person Coaching with Sensory Experiences

Jun 30, 2023

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also If I am to be whole.”
– Carl Jung

Our senses are the first to notice and respond to things. Sensory awareness is the ability to detect, interpret, and make sense of sensory stimuli through our various senses such as vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Sensory experiences are closely linked to whole-person coaching. As is evident from the name, this kind of coaching recognizes that people are complex beings. It takes into account their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects for a holistic and well-rounded coaching process. 

This week, our Masters in Coaching series explored the relationship between whole-person coaching and sensory experiences. Led by two Master Coaches, Ram Ramanathan, and Cindy Muthukarapan, the webinar started with a live sensory awareness coaching session followed by a brief discussion.

Live Sensory Awareness Coaching

Sensory awareness plays a fundamental role in our daily experiences. It shapes our understanding of the world and influences our behaviors and responses. Ever wondered where you feel an emotion in your body? Sensory awareness coaching makes us take a step back and notice what happens within our bodies as we go through different emotions and feelings. To make people familiar with this style of coaching, Ram did a live sensory awareness session with a client during the webinar. 

What sets apart a Master coach is the natural way that they interact with their clients. As the live coaching session progressed, the client had powerful observations through the sensory experience. The chat box was flooded with questions about the technique and its application. The audience was also resonating well with the discussion. One of the webinar attendees commented, “What a great exercise for people who have difficulty expressing emotions and connecting to how they sit in their bodies. Love it!”

Webinar Highlights

Here are some of the key themes that were explored during the webinar:

  1. The what and why of sensory awareness coaching
  2. Role of sensory awareness coaching in navigating serious emotions like grief and guilt
  3. Can this style be extended to self-coaching? 
  4. Relationship between sensory awareness and whole-person coaching

My Takeaway

The biggest takeaway from this webinar for me is the transformational power of sensory awareness coaching. It was mind-blowing to see how it goes above and beyond just cognitive inquiry to create a deeper awareness. I would encourage you to watch this webinar to gain a firsthand understanding of whole person coaching with sensory awareness. The webinar will also give you an insight into cases where it is highly effective and provides a cathartic outlet. Would you like to know more about sensory awareness techniques? Tell us in the comments section below or feel free to share your thoughts with us on CoachNook.

Disclaimer: This demonstration was done by a qualified and experienced practitioner. These are not “Do-it-Yourself” videos. Coacharya does not encourage and/or approve individuals attempting to apply these techniques to others without adequate training and guidance. If you wish to try the practice on yourself or others, please contact us at 

Watch this space to know more about upcoming programs and webinars on these modalities.

Webinar: Live Demo Sensory Awareness Coaching

Like to listen instead? We have a podcast!

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Yamini Kandpal
Yamini Kandpal


Yamini Kandpal works as a Content Specialist at Coacharya. With a background in writing and editing as part of journalism, she has found her own corner in the stories of the coaching world. While away from work, you can find her traveling or scribbling her musings in a notebook.

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