Masters in Coaching: Biomimicry and Mastery

Sep 29, 2023

Innovation happens at the intersections.
– Unknown

Intersections are captivating. They ignite connections between some of the most unrelated things, birthing the undiscovered and bringing innovation! Just a few weeks ago, Coacharya unveiled an exciting new program that marries Biomimicry, Design Thinking, and Systems Thinking Habits with Coaching. A question on many people’s minds: How do these seemingly diverse realms converge? In this week’s webinar, we unraveled this thrilling connection!

Our experts Shiva Subramaniam, PCC coach, and Cindy Muthukarapan, MCC coach and Training Director, Coacharya delved deeper into each discipline and their interconnectedness. Shiva is the co-founder of Biomimicry Compass and also a Guest Faculty at IIT-Madras. However, it’s his infectious energy and boundless passion for these disciplines that truly stood out throughout the webinar.

Setting the tone for the discussion, Shiva started with a question which was the thought behind the program – “What is it by learning which I can learn everything?” As the webinar progressed, Shiva did a super fun exercise that kept the chat box buzzing continuously.

Here are the key themes that were explored in the webinar:

  1. Creative Thinking
  2. Six Thinking Hats
  3.  How to Generate Ideas
  4.  Design Thinking and Tools
  5.  Lateral Thinking
  6.  Life Principles of Nature

My Takeaway

It’s always a good time to learn new things! That was the most important takeaway from this webinar for me. The intersection of Biomimicry, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking Habits, and Coaching is more than just captivating; it’s a testament to the power of multidisciplinary thinking and innovation. I would encourage you to watch this webinar to learn more about the tools and techniques related to the three disciplines. They’re fun and exciting and will keep those innovative sparks flying!

Coacharya’s upcoming Integrated Coaching Program: Biomimicry, Systems Thinking Habits & Design Thinking arms you with the preparation for triple credentialing–ICF Level 1, Level 2, and the ACTC credentials. To register for this groundbreaking program, write to us at In the meantime, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us on CoachNook.

Webinar: Masters in Coaching

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Yamini Kandpal
Yamini Kandpal


Yamini Kandpal works as a Content Specialist at Coacharya. With a background in writing and editing as part of journalism, she has found her own corner in the stories of the coaching world. While away from work, you can find her traveling or scribbling her musings in a notebook.

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