Coacharya Short Courses – Coming Soon!


Have you experienced or heard about challenges related to DEI at your workspace? Enhance your leadership capabilities by bringing DEI informed practices to your team and organization.In this immersive short course, managers/leaders from all walks of life will gain the right knowledge, tools and skills to empower themselves to navigate challenges related to DEI implementation. This course is led by an experienced DEI consultant and Professional Certified Coach, Anshu Bhargava.


We all set ambitious goals and resolutions but they rarely come to fruition.Our program is a step-by-step guide to bring awareness about how you can best lead yourself and unlock your full potential towards meeting your goals. Four Master coaches bring to you their collective wisdom on leadership, values and beliefs alignment, emotional intelligence and steps to recreate your future. This carefully curated program will help you to align your future long-term vision with your current aspirations.


Learn how to recognize the interconnectedness between mind, body and spirit with this holistic course. You will have the chance to integrate practices of meditation, visualization and energy work to deepen your self-reflection and self-awareness. As you empower yourself to explore the depths of your being, you connect with your most authentic self and build that space for others in your ecosystem. Using meditative tools and resources, dive into this one of a kind experience to coach the spirit.


This 12-week leadership development learning program is suitable for mid-to-senior leaders.It will support them in building and strengthening their people and change leadership skills in a sustainable manner. It is a comprehensive, experiential program, designed to support leaders in creating their own success in leading: self, others, and change. With a variety of resources and tools, participants will enjoy learning and applying leadership concepts to their day-to-day lives.


Continuous learning, adaptability and empathy have become crucial workplace practices. These skills fuel overall professional and personal development. How can you as a manager and leader enable this growth within your team and organization? Coaching skills could be an answer. Enroll for our self-paced course on Coaching Skills for Leadership and acquire coaching skills that will propel inner transformation and empower you to create ripples of positive change.