2020, you weren’t all bad.

Magda Walczak  •  Dec 31, 2020  •  2 min read

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2020, you weren’t all bad.

Watching Schitt’s Creek on repeat wasn’t the only thing that kept us smiling in 2020. It’s thanks to you, our supportive and generous community, that we’re growing and thriving. Together, we can truly democratize coaching globally. Here’s what we’re especially proud of in 2020.

We have a busy 2021 planned for you so look out for exciting announcements in your inbox. Let’s close 2020 with a bit of advice from Ram, which all of us will follow in our commitment to you, our community:

“Awareness does not always lead to Action. Action does not always lead to a new Anchored Habit. That’s why New Year’s resolutions fail 90% of the time. Be committed to act consistently, with accountability on awareness of what needs to change for the better, to become your best self.”

See you next year when hindsight truly is 2020!

Magda Walczak


Magda Walczak is CEO of Coacharya and author of Saylor's tale, a children's book. She's passionate about animal rights, women's equity and living sustainably.


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